Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Another card I made on the weekend.  This was my “don’t be fussy – just get it done” card.  It’s not perfect but I kinda like it, and the colours go well together.  Because I was crafting at Mum’s, I didn’t have all my stash with me, so wasn’t able to edge it (with ink) or add many embellishments.  Which probably made me finish it quicker than I would do normally – because I wasn’t able to be too fussy, due to lack of supplies. You can have too much of a good thing. Which also applies to buttons or ribbon or glitter or whatever.

Anyway, she’s done and life is indeed beautiful.  Especially if you’re some sort of snazzy-sandal-wearing Goddess who was previously standing around minding her own business, but then suddenly grew wings and started flying across a card 🙂



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