Genuine (Art)icle

A crafting weekend is a good weekend.  Unless everything you try to make fails badly.  I didn’t have the most creatively successful weekend over the last couple of days.  I made a few really dodgy cards (probably won’t show you those) and a couple of OK ones.  This ones comes under the OK heading, I think.

I wanted to do a quirky card.  One that would make someone smile.  Something with a bird image (naturally) and probably a hat or a crown (goes without saying).  I also wanted to go with a different colour scheme to the ones I would normally use.  I have SO MUCH paper and I use SO LITTLE of it.  I just always go for the same colours and patterns/themes.  So, I stepped out of my comfort zone here.

I’m happy with this one.  Cutting out the tiny wee feet drove me batty but I succeeded in not snipping any toes off, so that’s a good thing.  Her crown is a little wonky but that’s ok.  None of us are perfect 🙂




Something Fishy

A couple of slightly more masculine cards today (if I am allowed to use that gender-specific, un-PC term..).  I took a bit of a detour from birds and hats with these two.  I spent ages on the first card, agonising over what word or phrase should be added to finish it off, before I realised it actually was finished and didn’t need anything else.  Sometimes words get in the way anyway, right?

Hope your day is going swimmingly 🙂




Weird Sister

To all my “Sisters from other Misters”……..

I quickly made this card on the weekend from some leftover scraps of lace, paper and an old vintage image of an elegant lady.  She’s a little less elegant now…looks like she’s been op-shopping or playing dress-ups.


She has bling on her hat and a label in case she gets lost or forgets who she is 🙂


A little bit of vintage lace is always classy…


I decided she need some earrings too, so she got some dainty pearls at the last minute (not shown in top picture) with a dot of Liquid Pearls.  She’s ready to roll now.  Off to a tea party or crazy hat convention.  I foresee cupcakes and crochet in her future for some reason.  Maybe a little white magic and fairy dust too (I stopped short of giving her wings).

Thanks for stopping in – Hope your day is wonderful 🙂


Amazing You

Hello everyone – it’s Monday again!  How does that happen?  I’m convinced there are at least three Mondays a week now…they seem to be here ALL THE TIME.

I managed to get some cards made on the weekend and I am actually happy with them – you know that never happens to me.  I didn’t sleep in, got up and dressed reasonably early and crafted all day.  Didn’t even stop for lunch – just had a carrot, celery and apple juice to tide me over and stop me from nibbling.   I’m not eating much at the moment anyway – a bit down in the dumps and not even feeling like comfort-eating, which is unusual for me.  But a vegetable juice is filling and at least fairly nutritious.  But I did walk around the house for hours with an orange moustache, without knowing it, so that was attractive.

Anyway, cards… This is one I made without too much fuss or swearing.  I like the colours and composition, and of course I like the egg and bird. No hat on the bird this time.  I’m trying not to be a one-trick pony ha ha.  Ooh…ponies… I could do ponies with hats!

Hope you are having an amazing day.  If you can, on a Monday 🙂




I don’t know why I feel the need to share my issues and secrets with you all but, apparently, I do.  It’s probably easier than having to discuss it face-to-face with someone.  Better to look like a dufus in front of hundreds of strangers, than to actually connect and confuse (possibly repulse and alienate) people you know in real life, right?  But I also tell myself that I do it in the interest of public awareness.  I am providing a service.  Or something.  Really, I am just an over-sharer, let’s be honest and not kid ourselves.

So, this week, I discovered the annoying, gross and disgusting habit I have of picking and chewing at my fingers until they bleed has a name.  I have Dermatillomania. Yay!  Or, rather, not yay.  I thought it was just a bad habit, like biting your nails or saying “y’know” a lot in sentences.  But, apparently, it’s a real THING.  An obsessive-compulsive thing.  I just thought I was a weirdo who couldn’t get my shit together.

If I think back, I have always had this problem, even as a kid.  I used to pick my lips ALL THE TIME.  I suppose I am lucky I never really had acne, because face-picking is apparently one of the more common kinds of dermatillomania, where people pick at real or imagined blemishes, imperfections etc.  My face needs all the help it can get, so I am glad I didn’t go in for that kind of self-mutilation.  As it is, I am horribly ashamed of my hands.  My fingers are dreadful – I don’t let anyone see them if I can help it.  I never wear nail polish on my fingernails – I don’t need to draw attention to my sore, red, usually scarred fingers.

I don’t always recognise it at the time, that I pick when I am stressed or anxious, but now that I am becoming aware, I have noticed that I do indeed start the picking and chewing cycle when in stressful situations.  It’s compulsive, so I do it before I even know I’m doing it.  And then I feel bad.  And then I get anxious and guilt-ridden and ugly-feeling.  And then I start picking again.

Funnily enough, when I was sick , at an extremely stressful time in my life, my hands were lovely.  This was partly because I was laid up in hospital for weeks on end, unable to move or do anything, especially where it involved my hands.  I couldn’t hold a spoon, let alone coordinate my fingers to actually pick at anything.  So they became smooth and blemish-free and baby-bum-soft.  They were excruciatingly painful (nerve damage – oh my God, it hurt!) so I wouldn’t have been able to touch them anyway, but very nice to look at.  There had to be a pay-off somewhere.  I’m not even sure if I was suffering with the dermatillomania around that time anyway.  I was probably doing something else just as gross.  I did go through a foot-picking phase.  I know – disgusting!

Things I am doing to combat it include :

  1. Cutting my nails really short – it makes it very difficult to pick when you have no nails.  It still means I can chew, but I am less likely to cause as much damage and also I am less likely to do that in public (for some reason).
  2. Making myself a “fiddle string”.  Using a bunch of ugly beads I will never use for anything else, I have made a little beaded thingy to fiddle with when I am in the car.  When I am stuck in traffic I pick like a crazy person.IMG_3109
  3. Stock up on Bandaids.  If the area is covered, I can’t pick at it.
  4. Addressing my anxiety.  This is tricky and the hardest thing to tackle.  I’m going to try and be more mindful and look for the triggers and just be AWARE of my feelings and what I’m experiencing.  And yes, it’s time I started some therapy again.  I have been putting it off, but I know I need to start the process again.  I have lots of issues that are holding me back from having what could be a really happy life.  So I need to take ownership of that and try and fix things.
  5. Keeping otherwise busy and occupied whilst at home eg crafting, reading, writing.  If my hands are busy doing other things, they can’t be busy picking.

If you suspect you may have this condition, there is an online test you can do (although, I think, if you’re thinking of taking the test, you’ve probably answered your own question). Or you could be sensible and see a medical professional about it.  The internet is not always your friend and can’t really answer your questions, give you a hug or pat you on the back sympathetically. So seek advice from an actual human being if you’re really concerned or need more help to overcome it. And maybe share with others, like I’m doing.  Employ someone to slap your hands every time you start picking or chewing – that could work too. Some sort of assistance dog that attacks you when you’re tempted to self-mutilate 🙂

I don’t mean to be facetious.  If you are suffering with this condition, I am very sorry, and you have my sympathy.  And support from afar.  I wish you happy hands and cute cuticles, and freedom from whatever is causing the issue in the first place.



And one more…or maybe two

So, I thought I was done with these birdy cards…but then I found two more prints so had to alter them too.  I really like these two – I did them quite late last night.  I like the additions of the speckled eggs.  Maybe birds and eggs and hats together have magical properties and encourage artistic mojo?  I should just use them all the time.  Although, the red bird doesn’t have a hat.  He made do with a bling-embellished egg.  A hat would have been pompous, and he already looked a bit haughty 🙂

Hope you’re having a good day.  With or without a hat.