Birdie Post

Howdy folks.  This card was made over the course of several hours – I just couldn’t get it to work (I’m still not sure that it DOES work).  I had trouble matching colours and tones and couldn’t really decide on what style/theme I was going for.  Nevertheless, it is finished now – I am learning to just let go at a certain point and stop fiddling about.

If it has a bird on it, I’m usually pretty happy.  I didn’t even feel the need to put a silly hat on it, like I sometimes do.  But it does have diamantes, because every happy birdie deserves bling, right?

So, one card is better than no cards.  I am trying to be creative every day, even if it doesn’t result in anything concrete or finished.  Tomorrow I may feel more inspired, or less, but I will keep trying to create nonetheless.

Hope your day has been creative and worthwhile xxx


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