Wash Your Face, Jeffrey!

Jeffrey : A moniker used for anyone that needs to be instructed to undertake some sort of personal grooming activity [origin unknown].

Yeah, don’t ask me where the above actually came from.  All I know is, we all say it in my family.  I think it originally came from an advert, a million years ago.  Basically, it works in most situations eg “Brush your hair, Jeffrey!”, “Wash your hands, Jeffrey!”  Don’t try to make sense of it, just trust me here.

So, this weekend, because my social life is apparently lacking, I decided to finally get stuck into a project I have been procrastinating on for some time : making my own facial wipes.  I wear makeup every day, probably more than I ever did in my 20s or teens and so I always need makeup remover and face wipes.  I have stopped using baby wipes as they are environmentally unfriendly and also give me sores in my nose (despite the fact I do not stick them up there!).  My skin doesn’t like the chemical I guess.  Anyway, I have been meaning to make my own reusable wipes for ages so, this weekend, I stopped putting it off and just made the darn things.

My sewing skills are pretty crap.  But even I could manage these because they don’t have to look amazing or stand up to any kind of social situation.  No one will see them except for me.  They are wonky and misshapen (a bit like their creator ha ha) but they will do the job.  I basically just sewed three squares of fabric (I used brushed cotton/flannel stuff because that’s what I had o hand) together, leaving an opening to be hand-stitched closed later, turned them right-side out and then stitched them shut.  Easy.  If I was a better adult, I would have also ironed them flat but pfft, who are we kidding?

I made about a dozen – this allows for slackness on my part when laundering the squares and also means I can use more than one at a time if I am particularly heavy on the spak-filler (ie makeup) some days.


For the cleansing solution itself, I trawled the internet for a suitable recipe that would be fairly easy and contain ingredients I would be able to get locally (if I didn’t already have them at home).  The following recipe is the one I am trying to begin with :

Face Cleanser/Makeup Remover

1 Cup Distilled Water
1 1/2 Tablespoons Baby Shampoo (no tears formula – I used Gaia)
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
Few Drops Essential Oil (I used rose because that’s what I had)

All the ingredients go into a jar (coconut oil should be liquid so melt it if necessary in the microwave first) and then you shake, shake, shake until it is all combined.  Soak a facial wipe in the solution and squeeze out.  Then wipe that face!

You can put it in dispenser pump thingy if you like, or leave it in the jar you shook it up in.  Me, I used a Tzatziki squeezy dip container.  Because that is how I roll.  I didn’t want to spend money on a new container, or add to landfill, so I just used what I had.  I did, however, wash it thoroughly, used boiling water to make sure it was free of bacteria etc.  Down the track, if it all works out, I might buy a “pretty” container.  We’ll see. I did put a heart sticker on it, so I could pretend I was prettifying it a bit.


Stay tuned to see how my forty-something skin responds to this regime.  I might break out in hideous boils or something, which would make for fascinating blogging but would not thrill me.  I have enough to deal with.


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