My nephew turned 9 years old today.  Oh, how the years fly!  When he was born, I thought he was the most perfect and precious thing I had ever laid eyes on, and I can’t say my opinion has changed much (although with the subsequent births of his three siblings, I have had to extend my love and adoration to that little trio as well).  He’s a gorgeous little boy – very sweet and well behaved (as much as any nine year old boy is) and he is kind and generous with his brothers and sisters.

I wanted to make him a birthday card.  He and his siblings make the most delightful little cards for us, so I am only too happy to return the favour and make a special one for him.  I didn’t have a lot of time – I was waiting for a handyman to come and fix my garden gate, plus I had lots of errands to run during the day.  I didn’t want to make a mess in my clean house (cleaned up for the handyman who probably couldn’t care less what my house looks like and most likely didn’t even notice if I had vacuumed or not) so I kept it simple and just made this little robot card.  Master Nine likes robots, but I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever had to draw one before – probably not since I was his age anyway.

So, I just doodled a quick sketch or two of some not-very-technical-looking robots, until I came up with one I liked.  I think he’s kinda cute and I don’t even mind my slightly dodgy colouring-in.  I had to give him a heart – partly to add some extra colour, but mostly because, um, I just like hearts on things, and wanted to sneak in some love for my nephew without anything being too “girly”.

I simply attached it to a card blank and wrote “Happy Birthday” underneath.  Nothing too fancy. Master Nine loved it (“Oh Cool!  It’s a robot!  I love robots!”) which made me happy. Doesn’t take much with me!

A handmade card will always trump a bought one, even if it’s simple and not-very-perfect.  Anything made with love is better than a shop-bought product, and so I am glad I spent some time making this one.  The recipient is TOTALLY worth all the handmade love in the world.  Happy Birthday little dude – you will always mean the world to me x


PS Please excuse my chubby legs in this photo (below).  I was making the card on my lap in the lounge room…


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