Coffee shops are awesome places.  They have delicious drinks and yummy cakes and you sit and watch the world go by whilst contemplating having another cup of tea or coffee (and possibly another cake, let’s be honest).  They also often have amazing craft supplies.  Ok, so they’re actually postcards used for advertising purposes, and you’re supposed to take ONE not a handful, but hey, it’s upcycling, right?

My local haunt has a nice selection of postcards ripe for the picking.  Example : these gorgeous Dürer rhinos.  Just delightful.  Advertising an exhibition at our WA Museum, these rhinos are actually little pop-out, stand-up models you can make yourself.  I saw them and thought “Hmmmm, I know what I can do with those…” and so I popped a few in my handbag.  And then promptly forgot about them.

Weeks later, rummaging around in my craft supplies, I came across them again and immediately set to work using them on a card.  They’re so detailed and gorgeous and perfect for a vintage-look design.  I admit I didn’t pop them out very well- in the second photo I can see some little tabs that need trimming off – but I will sort that out later.  This card took no time at all, except for choosing the text.  THAT took forever.  I mean, what words or sentiments go with rhinos?  Plus, I was dumb and stuck the rhinos down first without leaving much room for positioning anything else on the card.  But the “You’re so special to me” sentiment seems to work.  Rhinos are special, right?  They’re nearly extinct!  How much more special can you be???

I thought I was finished, but then felt compelled to add some diamantes to the shoulders – as you do.  They needed a bit of bling to stop the card from being too sedate and beige.  But, all in all, I am pretty happy with these guys.

Hope your day is special – thanks for stopping by x





Grow (Bird & Egg Card)

Motto : If in doubt, add a bird.  If in REAL doubt, add an egg for good measure.

The above is very true for me.  I probably fall back on to the old bird/egg/wings combo more than I should.  But they appeal to me, and so I use them.  There’s probably some deep-seated psychological reason I like to use these particular elements, but I don’t have time to work out what that is.  I just like them dammit.  Birds can fly and that makes them absolutely magical beings – ’nuff said.  Birds have wings and lay eggs – all of these things go together, right?  They represent growth and freedom and spirit and all things slightly esoteric and non-pedestrian.

The bird below looks slightly grumpy – I think I would too, if I had had to squeeze out an egg that monstrous.  Maybe she’s just egg-sitting?  Guarding it for a larger bird?
We may never know…

I added a drop of dimensional magic to her eye, to add some depth and life, and gave the egg some bling (of course – what would I do without those diamantes?).  I tried to find an egg that had the blues in it that would match some of the script on the paper.  I think it helps to tie everything together.

A pretty simple card that came together easily, without too much swearing or tantrum-throwing.  I think Grumpy Bird and her Blue Egg belong together – may they “Grow” and live happily ever after.

I wish the same for you 🙂

PS I accidentally scheduled this on the wrong day – sorry for bombarding you with extra posts, if you have received this today x




Finally, a weekend of crafting!  I was so determined this weekend to get up early, get stuff done and fit in some card-making.  I rushed around doing laundry and some gardening, took Mum grocery shopping and did a spot of op-shopping (because I, um, needed to? *looks guilty*).  Then I crafted.  I got up extra early in order to get things done and not waste time.  I stayed in my PJs all day and ignored the TV and Facebook and all those other measly distractions.  Several friends invited me out to lunch and coffee and for walks and I told them I had other plans.  Plans that did not involve putting clothes on or wearing makeup or being sociable.  I didn’t even lie – I just said “I need to stay home in my pyjamas and make stuff”.  I made a complete and utter mess and now I am not looking forward to clearing it all up so I might just pretend it’s not there.  Or move house.

It took me a while to get started – sometimes the mojo needs a bit of coercing – but then I made a couple of cards I was happy with. Especially this one – I like the colours and the composition and the bird is just so dapper.  Look at his little tie and bling!  I felt like he should have had a top hat too, but that may have been pushing it.

Now I feel as though I may be getting a cold, which is yucky and annoying (I hardly ever get colds) especially as I wanted to start exercising again today.  I just wanted to stay in bed this morning and pull the blanket over my face and sleep forever.  But, sadly, one must work if one wishes to continue buying craft supplies and go op-shopping.  Such is life.

Hope you are having a bright and breezy day, and spending time with a Beloved or two, if you’re lucky 🙂





I have been trying to cull my craft stash.  This has not been going well for two reasons – a.) I am crap at getting rid of ANYTHING, and b.) I am very good at procrastinating.  But then, this week, I also have another, much more pleasant, reason.

My Mum’s friend Barbara asked Mum and I over to see if we wanted any of her “no longer needed” craft items.  Well, I don’t move quickly very often but, on that occasion, I moved like the wind ha ha!  You can probably imagine my face on hearing there was free craft stuff up for the taking…


Barbara had laid out what appeared to be an entire wardrobe of stuff.  Papers, ribbons, various adhesives and varnishes, paints, stickers, rub-ons and embellishments.  Sigh.  I could have been restrained and not taken anything or even just taken a few samples but no, I pretty much gorged on crafty goodness and took a LOAD of stuff home with me.  I tried to just take what I thought I would actually use – papers in the colours I like and use often (browns and blues and neutrals) and embellishments that would suit what I do and not sit in a “what can I do with this?” pile.

There were a lot of text papers – I use them all the time for my cards as backing papers – so I grabbed them.  Barbara had loads of rub-ons, which I use less frequently but mostly because I just never seem to have any, so I snaffled them too.  Brads and braid, sentiments and quotes and awesome vintage advertising.  There was even a couple of lovely craft books (but I had all but one of them, so only took that one).
It was all so good, like a giant buffet 🙂


I felt kinda bad afterwards for taking so much, but I guess if she didn’t want it any  more, then I was doing Barbara a favour.  In fact, thinking about it that way, with the amount I took, I was being downright altruistic and ha ha.

So now I am back to where I started – lots of craft stuff to find homes for.  I am still going to keep culling my own collection of supplies – I certainly don’t need half of what I have and I am sure someone else could use it.  I’m having a car-boot sale soon with my cousin, at a local market, so I could probably sell off some of it there.  I don’t want to throw anything away, and I want to make sure it goes to a good home where someone will be happy to have it and make good use of it.


 I was going to post a proper picture of said stash but, every night after work, the lighting is so bad in my house it’s just not worth trying to photograph anything.  So, lazily, I will leave it up to your imagination and try and make something with the supplies on the weekend, and photograph THAT.

Hope you are having a good week.  May it be uncluttered (unless it’s cluttered with free stuff and things you love) 🙂



Little ol’ me has 400 followers?!  Yowza!  Ok, granted, 50% of those are probably “spam” followers (ie not really “real” people) or people who have followed my blog in order to spread the word about their own, but hey, I will take what I can get.

I realise, in the scheme of things, 400 followers is not a big deal – not when other blogs have bazillions of followers – but it’s a big deal to me.  Thank you all for taking the time to read, follow and comment – bless your little cotton socks 🙂

So, time to go all nostalgic and think back to some earlier posts.  I think that’s what people do when they reach a blogging milestone, right?  I started this blog in 2012, so lots has happened and I’ve done STUFF and experienced things (I suppose) that may be worth a re-look.  Or not.  Maybe I will look back and think “Geez! My life is boring! What have I been doing with my time???”  Actually, I know that’s what I will do.  But let us ignore that fact and carry on regardless.  Onwards and upwards (or, in this case, backwards).

I wrote about my darling little guinea pig, Roderick, in several posts.  He was such a light in my life and I was devastated when I lost him at the end of 2012, so much so that I nearly considered getting professional help in dealing with my grief.


I wrote a few posts listing random things about myself.  Whilst you could argue that my blog is pretty random at the best of times, these posts (HERE, HERE and HERE) were specifically designed to outline weird things about me.  Because there is nothing like sharing your innermost thoughts, issues and quirks with hundreds of strangers.

My bout with meningitis came up.  A LOT.  The subject rears its ugly head every now and then because it was such a life-changing and life-threatening event for me.  It’s going to be with me always, not just because of the enduring health issues it caused, but because it made me look at life, and myself, differently.  So, apologies in advance for it continuing to be a part of this blog, from time to time.

I made jewellery and cards and stuff!  You know me, I tend to flit from one thing to another…cards one week, earrings the next.  Baking (my favourite Cherry Ripe Brownies HERE), sewing and doodling.  I like to think I am a Renaissance Soul rather than someone who just can’t make up their mind…

I was part of a design team at a local scrapbooking store for a little while and it really got me thinking outside the box, and enabled me to step away from my comfort zone in regards to colour and different styles of card-making. But I was kinda glad when it was over – I actually HATED having to use what someone else dictated.  Bright pink florals?  No thank you.  Glittery ribbon and ugly embellishments?  I think I will pass, if it’s all the same to you.  It was kinda hard every month making designs with supplies I actually didn’t care for, a lot of the time.  But a good and worthy experience, nevertheless.

I got my nose and ears pierced (HERE) and am so glad I did.  I feel like me again – the meningitis took a lot away from me, so having my piercings re-done was a way of reclaiming some of that.  Plus it was good to just be brave for once.


I underwent a breast reduction.  BEST THING I EVER DID.  Without question. There’s nothing else to say on that topic, other than I wish I had had the surgery YEARS ago. I did write a poem though 🙂

I wrote about my marriage breaking down and boy, did I write some boo-hooing posts.  Apologies for those too.  But it was tough and heartbreaking and honestly nearly broke me, more than my family and friends will ever know.  But I got over it and moved on and can honestly say I am better off now.  I bumped in to the ex-hubby a while ago which was awkward, but also very freeing and gave me some closure and perspective.  One of those moments in life where you just kinda go “Oh.  I’m actually ok.”

I talked about getting older and about my family.  I went to lots of craft shows and did a lot of op-shopping .  Ok, quite a bit of op-shopping.

Mostly, I just stumbled about through life.  Which I guess is what most people do, when all is said and done.  And I shall most likely continue to stumble, and screw up and make some stuff and bemoan my disorganisation and messiness.  Because that’s just me.  I hope you will stick with me through a lot more stumbling and mess, and maybe, just maybe, one of these days I will figure everything out.

Thank you for popping in – I appreciate you all x