Happy Quirky Life

My holidays have not produced many crafting moments.  I was determined to get my house tidied up and organised so that I could craft easily and without guilt.  So, here I am, three weeks later, still in a mess and I have made  hardly anything crafty at all.  I did tidy and organise my craft room, so I can now walk across the floor (hey, I can SEE the floor now!) without risking serious injury, which is a bonus.  But a lot of the stuff I sorted through, or had plans to sort through, has been removed and placed in neat little piles in the hallway.  So now I fall over stuff there instead.  Sigh…

One card I did manage to make was this little one.  I was trying to just use a simple colour scheme with only a few papers.

I’m going to try and make some more over the few remaining days of my leave – maybe try to use simple colourways again to prevent over-thinking and the obligatory “does this go with this?” conundrum.

Hope you are having a happy day, whatever you are doing 🙂



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