Grow (Bird & Egg Card)

Motto : If in doubt, add a bird.  If in REAL doubt, add an egg for good measure.

The above is very true for me.  I probably fall back on to the old bird/egg/wings combo more than I should.  But they appeal to me, and so I use them.  There’s probably some deep-seated psychological reason I like to use these particular elements, but I don’t have time to work out what that is.  I just like them dammit.  Birds can fly and that makes them absolutely magical beings – ’nuff said.  Birds have wings and lay eggs – all of these things go together, right?  They represent growth and freedom and spirit and all things slightly esoteric and non-pedestrian.

The bird below looks slightly grumpy – I think I would too, if I had had to squeeze out an egg that monstrous.  Maybe she’s just egg-sitting?  Guarding it for a larger bird?
We may never know…

I added a drop of dimensional magic to her eye, to add some depth and life, and gave the egg some bling (of course – what would I do without those diamantes?).  I tried to find an egg that had the blues in it that would match some of the script on the paper.  I think it helps to tie everything together.

A pretty simple card that came together easily, without too much swearing or tantrum-throwing.  I think Grumpy Bird and her Blue Egg belong together – may they “Grow” and live happily ever after.

I wish the same for you 🙂

PS I accidentally scheduled this on the wrong day – sorry for bombarding you with extra posts, if you have received this today x


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