Coffee shops are awesome places.  They have delicious drinks and yummy cakes and you sit and watch the world go by whilst contemplating having another cup of tea or coffee (and possibly another cake, let’s be honest).  They also often have amazing craft supplies.  Ok, so they’re actually postcards used for advertising purposes, and you’re supposed to take ONE not a handful, but hey, it’s upcycling, right?

My local haunt has a nice selection of postcards ripe for the picking.  Example : these gorgeous Dürer rhinos.  Just delightful.  Advertising an exhibition at our WA Museum, these rhinos are actually little pop-out, stand-up models you can make yourself.  I saw them and thought “Hmmmm, I know what I can do with those…” and so I popped a few in my handbag.  And then promptly forgot about them.

Weeks later, rummaging around in my craft supplies, I came across them again and immediately set to work using them on a card.  They’re so detailed and gorgeous and perfect for a vintage-look design.  I admit I didn’t pop them out very well- in the second photo I can see some little tabs that need trimming off – but I will sort that out later.  This card took no time at all, except for choosing the text.  THAT took forever.  I mean, what words or sentiments go with rhinos?  Plus, I was dumb and stuck the rhinos down first without leaving much room for positioning anything else on the card.  But the “You’re so special to me” sentiment seems to work.  Rhinos are special, right?  They’re nearly extinct!  How much more special can you be???

I thought I was finished, but then felt compelled to add some diamantes to the shoulders – as you do.  They needed a bit of bling to stop the card from being too sedate and beige.  But, all in all, I am pretty happy with these guys.

Hope your day is special – thanks for stopping by x




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