May the Road Rise

Another quick and simple card today.  I did think about adding to this one, but it seemed pretty much “done” from the get-go, with just backing paper, birdie and blessing.  I shaded the bird a little, with some distress ink, so that he was tonally matched to everything else.  I’m glad he was holding on to a branch because it meant I didn’t have to cut out teeny weeny toes like I normally do 🙂

I wish the sun was shining warm upon my face today, but it is bleak and rainy and bleurgh.  It’s been so jolly cold – lots of I-can’t-feel-my-toes kind of days and I am now suffering from a horrible lurgy, made all the more miserable by the grey and depressing weather.  Getting up in the morning is hard enough when it’s dark outside and drizzling with rain , but then add to it a stinking head cold and you might as well forget the whole thing and stay in bed. Which is very much what I wanted to do today.

Until we meet again…x


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