What the?

I don’t even know what to say.  The 2016 US Presidential Election is…I mean, what can I say?  I don’t want to get into a political debate, because there will be people who actually are glad the way things ended up, and are happy Mr Trump won but, seriously, I am dumbfounded.  I don’t think I have ever used the word “dumbfounded” in my life before, but no other word sums up what I am feeling right now.

I’ve never worried too much about US politics before, but this year I am terrified.  And kinda angry.  And just really, really confused.  What the heck happened?

That’s all I’m going to say.




3 thoughts on “What the?

  1. Here in Europe we are all gobsmacked !! We never believed Trump could win…….we were wrong. We are all holding our hearts and we are scared as that man easily can turn the whole world into a warzone !

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