Rest in Your Nest

A silly little collage, this one.  But I think the sentiment is fairly relevant.  At least to me anyway.  Home is where I go to rest and recharge and, yes, hide, more often than not.  I’m not sure how an albatross fits in with that but, hey, let’s not get too deep here.  Sometimes an albatross is just an albatross, right?

I’ve been reading up on introverts and highly sensitive people, both of which I am, and most of the stuff I’ve read says it is important for us to recharge and to find quiet places in which to do that.  So, for me, that’s home.  Or anywhere near the ocean.  Maybe that’s where the albatross comes in?  🙂

Hope your home is safe and happy sanctuary, today and always x



2 thoughts on “Rest in Your Nest

  1. I’m not introverted, but this sweet collage stuck a chord. We love traveling and going camping and all that but we also love coming HOME.

    We call our bed the bed boat, and most nights I couldn’t be happier than to climb aboard the bed boat and sail away.

    The world is particularly perilous these days, with terrible, tragic events crowding the headlines. I feel like putting the covers over my head and wish I could wake up and learn it was all a bad dream.

    ❤ Dianne

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Home is the sanctuary I go to to escape from the world (which seems to be scarier and more uncertain every day) and I am never really at ease until I close that front door behind me and lock it. I’ve always been a homebody…don’t see that changing any time soon x

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