How to Have a Happy Birthday

Birthdays have always been a bit tricky for me.  For a long time I believed that something bad would always happen on my special day (mostly because, for several years in a row, I had disastrous birthdays where loved ones became gravely ill, pets died, people got in car accidents and general chaos and doom reigned) and so I tended to try to just get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

As I got older and, particularly after surviving a life-threatening illness, I starting believing that having another birthday was actually pretty good.  Bad stuff could still happen, but then it could on any other day, so why worry about it?

Usually, I try and organise a dinner out, or a get-together of some description with friends or family or both.  This year, I just wanted time on my own.  I didn’t want to involve anyone else, which sounds really selfish and unsociable, but I just wanted to spend my day pottering about by myself, doing as I pleased and not having any schedule to follow.  I highly recommend it 🙂  I don’t get lonely and am quite happy with my own company.  I wanted a stress-free, restorative, recharging kind of day.

So, my idea of a good birthday goes something like this…..

1. Dress in a comfortable outfit, in your favourite colours.  
Makeup and hair done for no one else but yourself.

I don’t feel blue wearing blue!


2. Take yourself out for a delicious, hearty breakfast…….

Field Mushrooms on Sourdough, with Goat’s Cheese and Poached Eggs…

3…..and eat it all up.  Don’t feel guilty at all.

All gone!

4.  Visit a favourite, gorgeous shop.  Wander around for an hour or so and don’t buy anything.  Feel good that you didn’t spend unnecessarily (even if it is because you’re a bit poor right now and couldn’t afford to even if you wanted to).

Antidote in Mount Hawthorn
Hammered and stamped recycled spoons at Antidote – Love them!


5. Make yourself a birthday cake and share it with loved ones at dinner time.   It doesn’t matter if the cake is a bit homely looking.  People will be polite and eat it anyway.


6.  Drink vast quantities of tea, preferably out of pretty china so you feel like a lady.

Tea for one!


7.  Go op-shopping.  Buy shoes for a ridiculously low price (in this case $4.25).

New shoes! (well, 2nd hand new!)


So, for me, a perfect birthday is one in which I spend time doing things I enjoy, with no schedule or plan.  I ended the day with my brother and his family, which was lovely – I even had candles on my cake and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  Delightful. Maybe spending a day on your own isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad I did it.

So how do you spend your birthday?  Do you like to ignore it, go all out and spoil yourself, or plan a quiet day of solitude and reflection?  Whatever you do, I hope you always feel loved and appreciated on your special day.

Thanks for dropping by x


Now I am Forty-Three

So, today is my 43rd birthday.  Forty-three.  Four decades-and-a-bit.  Where the hell did those years go?!  I’m sure time speeds up as you get older.  I know I am very aware of time passing and, more depressingly, time running out.

Last year, I wrote a post about being forty two, and what I knew to be true at that point.  Not much has changed since then.  I still don’t know what the heck I am doing half the time, but I guess that’s ok.  I hope so anyway.  Though there is still a tonne of stuff I don’t know, there are some things which I know to be true FOR SURE.

  1. After forty, the body basically gives up and tells you where you can stick your diets and exercise.  Things sag and bulge and lose the ability to look like they did when you  were twenty.  This is ok.  Horrible and annoying, but ok.  No one else will notice except for you, because they are all too busy worrying about their own saggy bits, so don’t focus on it too much.  If you do, you will become dull, depressing AND saggy.  And that’s just sad.
  2. Don’t worry too much about trying to figure out your face shape.  Whether it is a heart or an oval or a dodecahedron doesn’t really matter.  Just wear what you like and grow your hair in a way that causes you the least amount of stress.  No one is going to come up to you in the street and berate you for having a fringe with a round face.
  3. Now that you have given up on trying to understand boys,do not turn your attention to understanding men (who are, after all, just little boys with bigger and more expensive toys).  It’s even harder and will give you a migraine.
  4. Try new hair colours.  Blonde is inevitable, but these days so is pink, lilac and blue. Avoid doing that black-underneath-and-white-on-the-top style.  You WILL look like a back-to-front skunk.  Do not trust your friends who tell you you look “fabulous” with such a style.  “Fabulous” is code word for “We understand you are going through a phase and hope you grow out of it soon”.  Cover grey hair if you feel you must – don’t feel guilty or vain for doing so.  Similarly, don’t let people tell you you shouldn’t let yourself go grey.   Schnauzers are grey and they are awesome.  Do what you want and what you can afford . Unless it’s the skunk thing.
  5. Hang out with small children when you can.  It’s best if you ask their parents first. Don’t just pick up random children on the street – that is frowned upon.  And frowning causes wrinkles.
  6. Be kind.  Always.  To yourself and to others.  It is painless and gives you brownie points in heaven.  Maybe.  I’m not sure about that one.  At the very least, it makes you happier and will stop wars from happening.  Maybe, I’m not sure about that one either.
  7. Read all the books you can.  Do not waste time on books you “can’t get in to”.  Life is too short to be wasting it on books you don’t connect with.  They’re like people – some of them are just not your type and can be annoying and obnoxious, dull or long-winded.  Give them away and start a new book.  If one thing in life is guaranteed, it’s that you will NEVER run out of books.
  8. Don’t worry about getting married, or finding a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or being in a relationship at all.  You’re perfectly ok without that stuff.  Don’t settle for something just because everyone else is doing it.  You’re not everyone.  You’re you.  And you’re amazing.  If someone comes along who deserves a piece of that amazingness, by all means hold on to them for dear life.  But don’t wait for them.  They might be a little bit tardy, and you can waste a lot of time hanging around, hoping they show up.
  9. Don’t buy shoes you have trouble walking in.  You will look like a twit.
  10. At some point you will find yourself saying “Music today is RUBBISH!” and bemoaning the fact no one can write a decent song any more.  Face it, you have become your parents.  Don’t fight it.
  11. Try a nice bright lipstick.  And then immediately wipe it off because it looks ridiculous.  But yay you for trying new things!
    Bright pink lipstick – not convinced.


  12. Accept and embrace other people’s lifestyles.  There are billions of people on the Earth and every one of them is a bit weird.  We’re all weird so, technically, nothing is weird.  As long as you’re not hurting children, kicking puppies or mugging old ladies, you’re fine.  You don’t have to join in with someone else’s lifestyle, but you should allow them to get on with it, as they see fit.  Mind your own business.
  13. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  It’s too hard and makes people think you’re a wanker.  Just be you.  Crazy, perfectly imperfect YOU.  People will like you or they won’t.  Better they decide based on the real you.
  14. Be silly.  As much as you can.  If no one wants to join you, do it by yourself.  Don’t grow up – it is tiresome and makes you forget all the wonderful things that still make up life on Earth.  Believe in fairies, delight in rainbows, and remember how big the world used to seem, and how many possibilities it contained.
  15. Do own and wear comfortable, sensible underwear.  If it itches, rides up, cuts in or just makes you angry, don’t wear it.  Do not buy into the tabloid horror that is “CELEBRITY CAUGHT WEARING GRANNY KNICKERS!!!”  You are not a celebrity and, even if you are, your undergarments are your own business.  I’m sure most road rage incidents are caused by people wearing too-tight knickers.  It just makes you cranky and unable to make rational decisions.
  16. Let it go.  Forgive.  Love.  Don’t hold grudges.  Build a bridge and get over it.  Life is too short to hold on to bitterness.  It will eat you up and make you unpleasant to be around.  You will probably not get invited to parties and people will do a lot of eye-rolling around you.   Don’t be that person.  Let it go, let it go, let it go.  If that doesn’t work, makes yourself a voodoo doll and have at it.
  17. Grow a garden.  Whether that means a tiny succulent in a teacup on your window sill, or an acre of vegetables, grow something.  Nurturing another living thing is good for your soul.  It tunes you in to the Earth and life and the nature of things.  But if the tiny succulent in a teacup on your window sill dies, for Goodness’ sake get rid of it.  A dead thing is unsettling and depressing and will make you feel like a failure.
  18. Cultivate friendships.  Make time for them.  Let your friends know you love and care for them.  Be soppy about it.  People might pretend to be embarrassed  but they secretly like it.  Just knowing someone is thinking about them can brighten a person’s day and make the world a little less lonely.  Add smiley faces to your emails, be cheeky to your boss, and bring cupcakes to work to share.  Life is hard, smiles are free – to combat one, give lots of the other.  Hug.  Listen to people’s stories and remember small details to talk about later (so they know you paid attention).  Notice when someone is sad or anxious or just struggling with the weight of the world.  Just being noticed can make a big difference.
  19. Being sensitive is a good thing.  Empathy is not weakness, it is very much a strength.  Don’t let others “toughen you up” or tell you how to feel.  The world has plenty of  tough, un-empathetic, un-feeling people in it, and look where that has gotten us.
  20. You can’t fix everybody.  This is something I have taken a long time to learn, and I am not done learning it.  Be a good listener, offer practical help where you can, and support the people you love.  But do not try and fix them.  That’s not your job and you are setting yourself (and them) up for failure.  Everyone is on their own journey and it is not your job to run ahead every few miles, filling in pot-holes and watching out for pedestrians, stray dogs and traffic jams.  You can give them directions and point out a few landmarks, but you can’t drive the car for them.

So, another year older and probably not much wiser.  But that’s ok – life is a learning process, right?  I’m glad to have reached the ripe old age of forty-three.  I wouldn’t like to be twenty-three again, although I wouldn’t mind having the extra twenty years up my sleeve to do some things over.

Hope you are happy today, whatever your age 🙂

Thank you for stopping by x



Being 42 (What I Know Now)

It was my birthday this week.  I turned the big 4-2.  Forty Two years old.  Eeks! How did that happen?  I don’t know where the last four decades went.  I sometimes think I will wake up one day and it has all been a dream and I am still only ten or twelve (about the age my emotional maturity peaked).  So much has happened, and yet I still feel like I have no idea what in the heck is going on most of the time.

 I know some stuff.  But I feel that I know only a portion of the things I should know by now.  I just hope I get at least another 42 years to figure it all out.  Otherwise I am going to feel pretty dumb at the Pearly Gates if they ask me any questions about life.  Or geography. Or algebra.  Or anything to do with vocation – figuring that stuff out is really tricky.

What I Know Now (as of this minute)

  1. Facebook is not real life.
  2. It doesn’t matter if there is a God or Heaven or any of that stuff.  What matters is whether or not YOU believe it.  It’s nobody else’s business.  Believe if you like, if it makes you feel better.  If you’re wrong, you’re not going to find out anyway, so believe all you want now.  I personally choose to believe in an afterlife because I have grandparents and friends and furry family members I want to see again.  It’s that simple, and it gives me comfort.  But I’m not going to shove my ideas down anyone else’s throat.  If I want to believe that God looks like Jimmy Stewart or Emma Thompson – that’s my business.
  3. You can always make a fool of yourself at any age – you’re not immune just because you’ve stacked on a few years.
  4. It is far, far better to be alone than with someone who makes you feel crummy.
  5. You will never, ever understand boys.  Stop trying.
  6. Diets DO always begin tomorrow.  It’s a fact.
  7. If you don’t understand how to style your hair by the time you’re 20, you should give up.  I’m serious.  The hair has won.
  8. There is no substitute for chocolate.
  9. Or cheese.
  10. Dogs are better at living than we are.
  11. Cats have it pretty down-pat too.
  12. Beetroot juice is like wine for people who can’t have/don’t like wine.  It is amazeballs. And so pretty.IMG_2414
  13. Your family may be nuts, but they’re YOURS.
  14. The internet is not your friend.
  15. No matter how old you are, you will occasionally benefit from a good, swift kick in the pants.
  16. You will eventually get over the whole shaving-your-legs-every-day thing.
  17. You don’t have to have children of your own to know what maternal/paternal love is.
  18. Sometimes people just suck.  Most of the time they’re pretty nice though.
  19. Cynicism is a waste of everyone’s time.
  20. You shouldn’t let anyone tell you how big or small your dreams and ambitions should be. Only you know what you need and what you want to share with the world.
  21. Reality TV is anything but.
  22. You should never be ashamed of your emotions.  They are the only true thing we own.
  23. Your heart will get broken.  The cracks won’t ever heal, but they will be filled with better, sweeter stuff like forgiveness, compassion, knowledge and personal evolution. The hurt will be like your own private work of art.  Your Kintsugi.
  24. Books will expand your mind and your spirit, and will be amongst the greatest friends you will ever have.
  25. Love is all that matters.  Always.


So, I know some stuff.  That’s enough for now 🙂



Procrastination, I am Your Queen

Procrastination, I am Your Queen

I wasted today.  Which is better than saying “I AM wasted today”, I suppose.  However, it is still bad.  I am too old to be wasting time.  Frittering it away.  Getting distracted (in fact, as an example, I am now thinking about fritters).  Doing nothing when I should be doing something.  Or, doing something but it is a something that is basically nothing in the guise of something, you know?  Come Sunday evening, I am wracked with the guilt of procrastination and time wasted.

I promised myself I would ACHIEVE this weekend.  I would write lists and tick them off.  But all I succeeded in doing was ticking myself off with my inability to actually do anything.  The worst part is, I didn’t sit around much at all.  I am not a sitter.  I am always very busy.  VERY busy.  Doing nothing much at all.

I usually find I become very motivated, around about 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday, when I suddenly realise that I have to go back to work tomorrow and I have had two days off where I could have, y’know, started that best-selling novel, created a Fortune-500 company, built a house or ended third world debt.  I have high hopes for my weekends, but they often don’t pan out.  Basically, because I myself fizzle out.

Now, I must admit, I am having trouble dealing with anything at the moment.  I am weaning myself off my anti-depressants and I am finding it harder than I thought I would.  Harder than I have let anyone around me know. I thought “Oh, it’s been two and a half years, I can come off them now! Piece of cake!”  but it’s been a little trickier than that.  And there was no cake.  But, there’s been crying.  Lots of crying.  I’ve done that super ugly, blubbering kind of crying.  I’ve yelled at people.  I’ve had nightmares.  I’ve been hyper and chatty one minute and then morose and downright jump-off-a-cliff depressed the next.  But I persevere because I have to do it and I don’t want to be on this medication forever.  And before you ask, yes this is being medically supervised and I am being sensible.  It’s just that I am 41 years old and I need to be able to manage things and not hide behind a little happy pill.  Plus, I need to cry every now and then.  It’s a natural state for me and NOT doing it is weird.  I just needed them to get me over the marriage-breaking-down hump and now I have to come back into the real world again.

Which has left me a little bit blue.  Because the real world is a bit shit, to be honest.  Pardon my language.  People are mean and stuff is hard.  So I get bogged down in the mean and the hard.  I find it difficult to get up in the mornings, not just because I don’t want to go to work, but because I am actually sad.  Mostly because I don’t want to go to work but also because I am floundering a little bit.  I’m going through one of those “Who am I and what am I for?” stages.  Which I probably should have gone through at age 18 or something but I was too busy being terrified of the world to even contemplate that I had some sort of place in it.  In some ways, it is worse going through it now because I have less time to figure things out.

Which brings me back to wasting time.  Some people are happy to waste time and don’t see it as actually WASTING TIME.  People think the weekends are for chilling out and lazing about, watching TV and sitting around.  I don’t.  I always feel like I should be doing something constructive or at least making plans that would lead in that direction.  More lists.  Lists that will have ticks against them.  So that when people ask (on Monday morning) “Hey, what did you get up to on the weekend?”, I can say, smugly, “Oh, I rendered the house, put in reticulation, baked 400 muffins for the local homeless shelter, adopted a litter of kittens, ran a marathon, painted my fence and knitted a tea cosy……” instead of answering “Um…not much.  I did some ironing.”  And let’s face it, even ironing is probably not happening in my house most weeks.  Or months, to be fair.  Do I even HAVE an iron?….

I wanted to create things this weekend.  I wanted to have lots of blog posts ready and waiting to be written.  I wanted to have projects on the go.  I wanted to actually have some crafts on here, which would be nice, considering this is supposed to be a crafty kind of blog.

So, what did I achieve this weekend?  Well, I caught up with my best friend, whom I haven’t seen since JULY (holy crap, that is three months ago!) and we set the world to rights and talked up a storm.  I visited my Aunt.  I visited my cousin and nieces.  I went shopping for new bras (to go with the new boobs).  I bought a pineapple/green apple/broccoli/mint drink which was SO DELICIOUS I bought another one today.  I saw a movie with a friend and felt confused by it.  I felt horribly guilty for saying no to said friend when she asked me to dog-sit for her over Christmas.  I went to see my Mum.  I pruned my garden and all the courtyards around my house, weeded and swept up leaves and junk in my yard.  I dyed my hair so I no longer look like rapidly-ageing hag woman.  I went to a little charity fete in my street and bought some more books.  I tried eye-liner for the first time and decided I quite liked it.

So I did SOME things.  I guess.  And seeing friends and family is certainly not NOTHING.  It’s actually very important. And nice. And soul-reparing.  But now it is evening and I have to make dinner and get stuff ready for work tomorrow. But I wanted to make cards.  That didn’t happen.  I wanted to do some drawing.  That didn’t happen.  I wanted to tidy my craft room.  That certainly didn’t happen and, frankly, I was kidding myself that it would.  I wanted to write in my journal and finish off a collage I have been working on (well, “working on” is an overstatement…). None of those things occurred.

So, I guess I have to try again next weekend.  I will write proper lists and endeavour to stick them (and not lose them).  I will not be distracted by whatever it is that normally distracts me (usually involves tea or facebook or cheese) and I will achieve THINGS.  Or, at least try to.  Because time is running out.  And I do not want to leave just a carbon footprint behind.  I want to have been here for some sort of reason and purpose.  Even if that purpose amounts to nothing more than writing a blog post on schedule, with actual useful stuff in it.

What do you hope to achieve on your weekends?  Are you a procrastinator?  Do you get distracted by things and wander off target, like me?  Do you even have a target?  How do you stay on target (if you do)?  How do you gauge your achievements or do you simply think it’s enough to have gotten dressed every day?

Hope your weekend was exactly as you wanted it to be – busy, lazy, crazy, chilled or fulfilling, whatever makes you feel happy and content and not guilty 🙂

You know you’re getting old when…

You know you’re getting old when…

I am feeling my age today.  Or, at least, feeling the age that 40 used to be.  You know when you were a kid and 40 seemed so OLD.  Like, way past over the hill.  Old.  Well, that is how I am feeling today.  I haven’t been 100% well-feeling for the last week or so and am just feeling fat and fed up and forty.  Which, I reiterate, is not old.  But today it feels it.  Wow, that’s a lot of “feels” all in one paragraph…

Someone mentioned a song in the charts today and I had no idea what they were talking about.  Hadn’t even heard of the singer.  I used to be all up in the music scene.  I knew who was who and what was what.  Now, I’d be lucky to be able to name half of the artists in the top 40.  Which makes me feel old.  Because I swore blind I would never be one of those old fuddy-duddies who dissed new music and only listened to music from their own era.  But I am becoming that way.  I cling to the fact that I like and appreciate Lady Gaga – as soon as I start not understanding or liking her, I am in trouble and may as well order myself a Zimmer Frame.

Signs I am one step away from the old people’s home

As I was having physio this week, I looked up at my very attractive-but-far-too-young-for-me physiotherapist, noticing he had a couple of days’ worth of stubble on his face.  I almost reached up to stroke his face and comment that he looked handsome.  Which would have been inappropriate and weird.  Worse still was the fact that the action was almost like maternal  affection, rather than a romantic / flirtatious gesture.

I am in bed before 10.30 most nights.

I prefer staying in than going out.

I have started to remark (a lot) that music on the radio “these days” is “rubbish”.

I have trouble understanding advertising.

The other night, at my cousin’s rowdy 40th Birthday party, I was standing in a corner drinking a cup of tea, wishing someone would turn the music down.

I have started calling people in their twenties “kids”.

I don’t know half of the celebrities that appear in magazines.

I have the beginnings of a bunion.

The cold weather makes me ache.

I have a fine collection of hot water bottles.  And use them.

I am doing a lot of squinting when trying to read things.  My arms are no longer long enough to hold objects far enough from my face to read them accurately.

When my nephews and nieces ask me how old I am and I tell them “Old”, they believe me.

I don’t know the names of any of the One Direction dudes or what they sing.

I think Miley Cyrus has lost the plot and needs a good talking to. And some clothes.

I am fighting a losing battle with the strands of grey in my hair.

I wonder where manners and good grammar have disappeared to.

*     *     *

At the end of the day, I am NOT old.  And if I am, well then, I am lucky to be so.  Not everyone gets the chance.  But today, I would like to feel just a little younger, a little less creaky and be able to sing along with at least half of the top ten songs in the charts.  And not turn the volume down.

Hope you are all feeling young and spritely today.  If not, join me in a cup of tea and quick Nanna-nap and start again tomorrow.



Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Apologies for the lack of bloggyness.  I have been busy turning 40 and celebrating it and mourning the loss of my thirties (not really, I barely noticed their passing) and getting thoroughly spoilt by family and friends.  It’s such a tough life 🙂

On the morning of my birthday, I met with friends to have a delicious breakfast at the Witch’s Cauldron in Subiaco.  So yummy!  I always have the French Toast – it is stuffed with apple and served with strawberries, maple syrup and crème fraiche.  I could eat it for days…  My friend ‘M’ had the Blueberry Pancakes which looked amazing – they were HUGE, like, quite literally a stack of cakes on her plate.  ‘F’ had poached eggs and toast with bacon.  We all enjoyed our complementary homemade mint lemonades (so yummy – refreshing and tasty) and endless cups of tea.  I think we waddled out of there very satisfied, but groaning slightly.  ‘M’ & ‘F’ both presented me with lovely gifts – a gorgeous canister filled with Body Shop goodies and a potted succulent in a cute teapot.  Nice!

At lunchtime, I went over to my Mum’s to meet up with my best friend and her Mum.  They gave me a much-needed outdoor setting (two chairs with funky cushions and a little table, just right for tea for two!) so I can finally utilise my nice front courtyard.  My best friend also gave me a sweet little pendant from the RSPCA – very cute and just right for animal-loving me.

My cousin came by shortly after and we fortified ourselves with tea before heading out to op-shop. I needed something to wear to my high tea the following afternoon and my wardrobe, though very full, was looking decidedly uninspiring.  My cousin was also looking for something for herself (her birthday is coming up soon too) and so we parted ways at the front door of each store and met back at the change rooms and checkout.  I didn’t have much luck finding something suitable – I really wanted something pretty and girly but also for it to be something I could wear again.  I found a couple of nice dresses (and I did buy them) but they weren’t right for the high tea.  Eventually, after we had basically given up and were in dire need of a sit down and another cuppa, I saw a beautiful dress on sale in the window of a shop I wouldn’t normally go to (too rich for my blood).  I tried it on and it fit perfectly – the colour was lovely and it was just what I wanted.  Even more awesome was the fact it was reduced further in price when I got to the counter – originally $150 down to $37!  Such a bargain!  I hardly ever buy new things and even $37 is a lot to me, but it’s a heck of a lot better than $150!  I also got another dress – really pretty and floral, just so I would have a couple to choose from.  You know us girls, indecisive!

That evening, my Mum and I went to dinner with my Dad and Step-Mum.  It was a nice evening and we had a lovely meal (but I was good and didn’t have cake – in preparation for my high tea the next day).
I was pretty tired by then and glad to get home and put my feet up.

The next day I got up late (hey, I’m old now – I need my sleep!) and got ready to go to the high tea at the Pan Pacific.  For once in my life, my hair behaved itself and did exactly what I wanted it to.  Amazing!  That is an event that occurs very rarely.  I probably should have bought a lottery ticket…  My cousins picked me up (and Mum) and we all drove into the city, snagging a premium parking spot right outside the hotel (so lucky and it was free!).  I had told everyone to get there at 2pm despite the fact my booking wasn’t until 2.30pm.  I have a perpetually tardy family and I thought it best to let them think they needed to arrive earlier than they actually did.  Everyone got there on time, even my poor friend GK who had trouble finding parking (Perth on a weekend?  Forget it!).

The afternoon was lovely, spent with my family members and friends, yummy food and lots of laughs.  I had SUCH a nice time.  I got completely spoilt by everyone – such lovely gifts and cards and just general self indulgence and awesomeness.  I won’t list all the things I got, that’s a bit show-offy, but I was almost embarrassed by the amount of wonderful gifts I got.  I was just happy everyone was there – presents were a bonus!

The food was so yummy and I even let myself have some chocolate as a treat.  Come on, it was my birthday!

So many yummy things to sample!




 Getting’ full now…


 Forgot about these…I’ve still got room!


LOVE this picture! My cousin got me a gorgeous ring (gotta get it re-sized before I can wear it) of white gold and diamonds.  It’s two bands entwined together, to represent our friendship and bond 🙂

  My friends had organised a “Ten Questions” sheet for everyone to jot down memories, thoughts and favourite things about me.  These were touching and heart-warming at times but also bloody hilarious at others.  The amount of people present who didn’t actually know my date of birth was quite disturbing, considering they were at my 40th birthday party.

During the week, I had made simple little brooches for everyone and made up little thank you gifts with special teas in an envelope, tied up with raffia with the brooches as embellishment.  Gotta thank my awesome guests who made my day such a memorable event!





The restaurant presented me with this birthday platter at the end of the afternoon.  Don’t know where they thought I could fit any more food in!  I took the goodies home 🙂


My Mum and I.  Seriously, this is the only decent photo I have of us.  Ever.  We cannot pose for pictures, certainly not together – one of us is usually pulling a face or got our eyes shut.  Hopeless.  But I LOVE this one and will treasure it. 🙂




I am the luckiest girl in the world to have have had the bestest best friend in the world for nearly my whole life.  
She means the world to me 🙂
(That’s a lot of “worlds” in there…how about she means the Universe to me?)

The day was an amazing finish to a lovely weekend and I felt so loved and blessed and lucky.  I hope in another 40 year’s time I will be again celebrating with my wonderful family and friends – in fact, I wish I could turn 40 every year!  Or would that be greedy?  🙂