Being Yourself

Belated Happy Easter to you all ūüôā¬† Did you indulge in a huge chocolate-fest, or were you restrained and just¬†had a few little treats?¬† Did you spend time with family and friends, or take part in religious events?¬† Whatever you got up to, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a nice break.

I spent a lot of time with family and friends over the weekend, cleaned my house so it was fit for my Mum to visit and stay in for a couple of nights, and did some crafting.¬† I am still loving the Kelly Rae Roberts Unscripted series I have subscribed to.¬† It’s just makes me want to craft and create and DO STUFF.¬† I am nowhere near her standard of creativity and art, but it is very enjoyable just mucking about with paints and paper and having a go.¬† I am still rubbish at faces, but I keep trying and hope that some day I will get them just right!¬† If only people didn’t have eyes!¬† It would make everything so much simpler for me, at least in terms of drawing and painting (maybe not so much in real life though…) and I wouldn’t end up having tantrums, or just drawing a lot of people with closed eyes (which is my default position these days).

I had this little communion plaque (bought on a recent op-shopping trip for 50c) and I thought it would be perfect to paint over and repurpose.¬† It’s quite small – a little bigger than an iPhone – so perfect for me to do some crafting on!¬† Plus it had the little hanger on it so I didn’t need to worry about adding one myself.

I removed the picture that was already on it ( a communion poem and prayer) and sanded the wood back, then slapped on a layer of white Gesso, just to seal and give it a good working surface.  I then added paint in various colours to create a distressed, rubbed back look.  I used a soft green, some burgundy and a little bit of yellow Рjust dabbing and rubbing it on with my fingers.  When I was happy with the effect, I let it dry whilst figuring out what I was going to put on it.

I decided to draw my little lady on a separate piece of paper, paint her main features and then cut her out, to be glued¬†and finished on the plaque itself.¬† I didn’t trust my drawing/painting skills to just add her straight to the wooden surface.¬† I adhered her with gel medium and then added¬†flowers and wings cut from scrapbooking paper and vintage¬†books.¬† The words were cut from old books or stamped (when I couldn’t find the word I wanted!) and I’m not quite satisfied with them, but they’re stuck on there now!¬† I might go over them with a bit of colour, just to make them look less “new” and pale.¬† I outlined here and there with black and white pencils to give some definition.


I was a bit heavy-handed with the lady’s¬†features – I was using a very¬†fine black marker, but it was still too heavy.¬† I will do better next time!¬†I’m happy with her top though – it came out very rustic looking and picks up the red colour in the background – and I’m glad I added the¬†“me” heart as it needed an extra little something.


So, all in all, I was pretty happy with my little lady.¬† I am trying to be myself and be ok with who that is.¬† Even if it means I am not the world’s greatest artist ūüôā¬† I am still trying to find my “niche”, artistically speaking, so this is another part of the journey.¬† I will keep practicing faces and different techniques with paint and drawing and, in the meantime have a lot of messy fun doing it ūüôā


Thanks for stopping by – may you enjoy the freedom of being yourself,
whoever that is, today and always x


Flying Fish

Oh to be a flying fish!
With scales of feathered gold
To swim the air and fly the seas
In sunshine bright and bold…

Yeah, maybe writing poetry about flying fish isn’t exactly my strong point.¬† But how else to start a post that features a half-bird/half-fish creature on a card?

This one came about because I had used the other body parts of both animals in previous cards and had some spare bits laying around.¬† You know me, can’t throw anything out.

So, the flying fishy was born.¬† And bedazzled.¬† And bedecked with a hat. I think he’s rather nice and suited the sky-themed backing papers quite well.¬† I didn’t add any extra text or wording because I wanted it to be suitable for any occasion.¬† And I was being lazy (as per usual).¬† I feel it is more of a masculine card, which is good because I tend to neglect that demographic when making things.¬† “Got any nice cards for blokes?” people ask me, and I shake my head sadly and say “No…sorry…”¬† So maybe this one will suffice.

Hope you are having a good week РI feel it has been a long, tiresome one, with lots going on,  and I am feeling a bit like a fish out of water myself.

Take care and thank you for dropping in to visit ūüôā




Pretty Mermaid

This is possibly one of the quickest cards I have ever made. ¬†No faffing about, no rummaging around for hours for the right coloured paper, just bing-bada-boom and it was done.¬†The fish tail fit perfectly with the little girl and everything came together really easily. ¬†No fuss and no tantrums. ¬†The biggest struggle I had was finding a word or piece of text to add to it. ¬†“Pretty” was the best I could do (ie I gave up in the end) and it seems to fit anyway. I added some Liquid Pearls¬†around her neck so the word appears as part of a necklace. ¬†I’m still considering putting an object¬†in her hand as she does appear to be holding something, and I might add some shine to her scales too,
but I will sort that out later.


She’s quite a demure little thing – no bare boobies for her. ¬†Maybe she is transitioning from mermaid to human? ¬†Maybe she burns easily? ¬†Maybe blouses are the new underwater fashion. ¬†Who can say? ¬†I’m just glad she didn’t give me dramas and I finished her quickly.

Hope your day is happy and coming together as it should ūüôā


When your Heart Speaks

My heart generally asks for pretty simple things Рcookies and a bit of peace and quiet.  Less stress.  Cheese.  Sleep-ins.  Happiness for my loved ones.  Good friends.
Good health.  Tea.  More Tea.

¬†Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what your heart wants, when the noise of¬†living gets in the way. ¬†You think you want something, but then wonder if it’s just what you’re¬†supposed to want. ¬†If it’s what everyone else wants for you (or for themselves, but vicariously through you). ¬†I still haven’t figured out what I want in life. ¬†I am better at figuring out what I¬†don’t want. ¬†Which is a start I suppose.

Anyway, a simple little card here. ¬†I could have added some more embellishment but I am trying to go for more simplicity in my cards, so they don’t take as long. ¬†And so I don’t spend hours looking for that¬†perfect¬†piece of lace, or a button, or a word or ribbon. ¬†I need to be more cost-effective and efficient with my time, and less like a crazy person who goes to bed dreaming about string and different shades of cream card.

Hope you are getting everything your heart desires today Рor, at least, are on the way to discovering what those desires are.  Thank you for dropping by x



Genuine (Art)icle

A crafting weekend is a good weekend.¬† Unless everything you try to make fails badly.¬† I didn’t have the most creatively successful weekend over the last couple of days.¬† I made a few really dodgy cards (probably won’t show you those) and a couple of OK ones.¬† This ones comes under the OK heading, I think.

I wanted to do a quirky card.  One that would make someone smile.  Something with a bird image (naturally) and probably a hat or a crown (goes without saying).  I also wanted to go with a different colour scheme to the ones I would normally use.  I have SO MUCH paper and I use SO LITTLE of it.  I just always go for the same colours and patterns/themes.  So, I stepped out of my comfort zone here.

I’m happy with this one.¬† Cutting out the tiny wee feet drove me batty but I succeeded in not¬†snipping any toes off, so that’s a good thing.¬† Her crown is a little wonky but that’s ok.¬† None of us are perfect ūüôā




Birds with Hats (When all else fails…)

Last weekend I was trying desperately to make some decent cards.¬† Sometimes, the creative Gods turn their backs on you and you have to just struggle along on your own.¬† That’s what happened to me last weekend.¬† I mucked about for ages, trying to put things together that I liked but, sadly, I ended up not achieving very much and being less than impressed with anything I did manage to finish.

To the rescue came IKEA.¬† That beacon of light when all is darkness and you can’t see the woods for the badly-collaged trees.¬† I’ve had these little bird postcards for AGES – I can’t remember exactly when I got them – and they’ve been sitting, propped up, in my bookshelves.¬† It suddenly occurred to me that I should try and incorporate them in my own card-making.¬† Mostly because they’re birds, and I love birdy-related things, but also because they were a good background piece that wouldn’t need much embellishment.¬† Basically, I was lazy and wanted a quick fix to my creative dilemma.

With a few tiny scraps of paper, text, lace and other bits and pieces, I made these quirky little cards.¬† They’re not perfect, but I kinda like them, their simplicity, and the fact I finished each one really quickly.¬† Plus, you know I love a bird with a hat.

A friend has already nabbed the yellow (finch? canary?) one and I will probably use the other ones myself or just add them to my sales stock.

It would be nice if we could fix our lives this easily, just by¬†donning a hat (although, I haven’t tried…maybe it could work?) and bunging on a few bits of text (I wonder what mine would say?).¬† But, if all else fails, there’s always IKEA – that fixes everything.¬† Or at least distracts you for a few hours while you wander around looking at all the pretty things and stuff you don’t need and trying to figure out how to pronounce things.¬† Which is a bit like life, really, ie wandering around bemused and confused and getting sidetracked.

Hope you’re a happy little birdy today and always




Hi everyone ūüôā¬† I’m back after a week’s holiday from work and life.¬† I went to the coast with my Mum for a few days and soaked up some sun and ocean air (more on that later).¬† I had one day left on my holidays – Sunday – and was determined to try and make some cards or SOMETHING.¬† I feel a bit deprived and useless if I haven’t done something crafty at least once a week.¬† I’d like it to be every day, and I am trying to do that, but it’s difficult when you have to go to pesky old work, and deal with life and stress and other stuff.

So, this is one of the cards I made.¬† I struggled with its composition for far longer than I should have done and, in the end, am not wholly satisfied with it.¬† But it will have to do.¬† I have made these¬†“eggy” designs before – not sure why they appeal to me, but they do. ¬†I am always searching for bliss, in life and even in creative terms.¬† I am yet to figure out exactly what it looks like, but I will get there eventually (I hope) or at least endeavour to enjoy the journey towards it.

That sounded way too deep for a Monday afternoon.

Hope you are having a bliss-filled day, or are in the process of striving in its general direction.