Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! (Animal Jars)

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! (Animal Jars)

A quick post this evening with a quick and easy craft project.  You may have seen these on other sites (they’re ALL OVER Pinterest at the moment), but they are so easy and satisfyingly fool-proof, you should definitely give them a go.

You need jars (with lids), super glue, spray paint in your desired colour (I used silver chrome) and plastic animals (like the kind kids get in zoo or farm sets, but you can of course use dinosaurs or other creatures). Make sure the glue and paint are suitable for use on plastic.

Start with some nice jars with metal lids – I bought some from $2 stores and other discount places, but you could be good and save jam jars if you plan ahead.  Make sure they are nice and clean, dry and free from any grease or grubby fingerprints (a good idea is to give them a wipe over with a vinegar and water solution and dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth).

Remove the lids and using a strong adhesive (I use Pritt Gel which has apparently changed its name to Pritt All-Pupose) attach the critter of choice onto the top of the lid.  Leave to dry and set (24 hours is usually best to make sure it’s nice and sturdy and won’t break off at the slightest provocation!).

Remove the lid and place on something like an old yoghurt container or similar that will fit inside the rim of the lid (that will enable you to spray evenly all around the lid and not have it stick to whatever it’s sitting on).

Shake your can of spray paint as directed and then have fun coating the lids and critters in an even coating of paint.  Spray-painting is addictive…I kept looking around my house for other things I wanted to paint – I even considered having a chrome-coloured bookcase (haven’t quite given up on that idea yet!).  Leave to dry – doesn’t take long to be touch dry but it’s best to leave for a few hours to make sure it is set and isn’t going to smudge or budge when you handle the lids.  I found that one coat was plenty (with just a tiny bit of touch-up where I had missed spots or underneath the animals).

Put the lids back on the accompanying jars and voila! You have some nifty animal containers for storing bathroom stuff in or to give as gifts (or to give gifts in!).  They’re really cute and amazing in the metallic colours – I am going to do some white ones next.  They’re so easy and the result is very cool and looks more expensive than it actually cost to make them.  Give it a go!



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