Be Kind (Collage)

Hello everyone and Happy Monday ūüôā

Did you all have a nice weekend?¬† For those of you here in Australia, hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Australia Day and got to spend time with family and friends.¬† I managed to do just that AND get some crafting time in.¬† I got started on some new collage canvases and finished a couple of them.¬† I am slowly learning to leave things alone and move on to something else, if they are proving problematic.¬† Sometimes you need to step away from a particular project, in order to “Regroup” and get a fresh perspective.

This little 6 x 6″ canvas was giving me grief, and I couldn’t make it work, so I put it aside and started on a new one.¬† When I came back to this, I managed to finish it off and be reasonably satisfied with it.¬† I cut out numerous caterpillars – none of them looked right – until I found this pinky-red one, that seemed to suit ok.¬† I can waste hours trying to find just the right critter or leaf or flower.

I wasn’t sure what words to incorporate and was focusing too much on the bird looking down.¬† I thought of “Keep your head up” and “Don’t look down” and other head-related nonsense.¬† In the end, given that the bird is letting little Mr Caterpillar have a free ride, rather than eating him, I figure “Be Kind” was as good a message as any.¬† As yes, I did need to put a crown on the bird.¬† It looked naked without it.

Hope the week ahead is kind to you – thank you for stopping by ūüôā




Lake Lovely

When I am feeling energetic (and, quite often, when I am not) I go walking after work. ¬†I wish I could say I am diligent and do this every day, but I would be a liar. ¬†I usually manage about three times a week, which is a bit pathetic, but it’s better than nothing. ¬†This is what I tell myself anyway.

Some afternoons I go walking along the beach, which is lovely and scenic and blows the cobwebs of the workday away;  most days, however, I walk around the local lake, which is on my way home and provides me with a nice, easy, 3.5km route.


Because I am generally quite lazy, it is good to have a circular route to walk – it means I just keep going until I get back to where I started. ¬†I don’t have to think about it. ¬†I don’t get tempted to turn around and head back either. ¬†The lake also has multiple paths; some of them meander through the bush so you can jog a bit and no one can see you ha ha. ¬†I don’t run in public unless I can be sure I don’t have witnesses. ¬†No one needs to see that.

The lake is populated by LOTS of birdlife.  Swans, ducks, moorhen, and herons, as well as my favourite, the pelicans, and some long-necked tortoises, which I am yet to spot.



As it is breeding season for many of the birds, there are cute, fluffy bundles of downy joy dotted around the lake, following their parents around and getting up to mischief.  There are plenty of reeds and other plant life to provide happy nesting spots and hideaways for the vulnerable babies.


I am dying to see some cygnets. ¬†I love the black swans – they are so majestic and beautiful. ¬†There are a couple at the lake that have allowed me to get quite close – sometimes they waddle up to me of their own accord. ¬†During breeding season, they can become a little bit aggressive and protective of their offspring, which is totally understandable. ¬†It’s best to keep your distance at those times and give them their space. ¬†Even if you do want to run¬†headlong into those gorgeous, grey, fluffy cygnets and squeeze them in an adoring cuddle. ¬†It’s not really recommended.


There are also lots of cormorants. ¬†I adore them. ¬†Those funny webbed feet! ¬†The fluffy, shaggy feathers on their plump bellies and chest! ¬†The almost bat-like wings! ¬†The way they dry themselves in the sun, holding up their wings like laundry! ¬†The way they hiss at me when I get too close and annoy them with my photo-taking! ūüôā


The lone egret¬†is a tricky individual to photograph. ¬†He doesn’t like being bothered and you can’t get too close before he flies off. ¬†It could also be because I have mistakenly been calling him a heron, and he’s not. ¬†I have offended him and now he doesn’t want a bar of me, or my camera. ¬†So all my shots of him are blurry (because I am far away and have zoomed my camera in). ¬†It’s very inconsiderate of him, to be honest.


Towards sunset, the lake takes on a magical quality. ¬†I tend to keep stopping to take photos, which is not really making efficient use of my exercise time, but hey, the sky and water is so pretty at night! ¬†It’s hard to take a bad photo, to be honest.


I am always on the lookout for new places to walk ;¬†it’s nice to have a change of scenery and some different landscapes/wildlife to look at. ¬†The lake, for now, remains one of my favourites. ¬†Easy to get to, easy parking, lots of people around (for safety’s sake) and lots of lovely birdies for me to¬†photograph. ¬†I am lucky to have these spaces to utilise and enjoy, and get that much-needed exercise. ¬†That egret will just have to get used to me because I’m going to keep coming back ūüôā


Ellis Brook Reserve

I am unfit. ¬†There is no denying this when you are struggling to ascend a set of roughly-constructed bush stairs and you’re wheezing so loudly you’re scaring the local wildlife. ¬†Yes. ¬†That is me. ¬†Two sets of stairs in on a recent hike through Ellis Brook Reserve and I am starting to see stars and pass out. ¬†But, to be fair, I am a little bit anaemic at the moment and I was trying to keep up with girls half my age as they whizzed up the hill on their skinny little legs. ¬†I also did not warm up properly, nor was I actually expecting such a rough and steep climb. ¬†Preparation – apparently not my thing.


However, wheezing and near-death experiences aside, Ellis Brook Reserve is a very picturesque place to hike. ¬†The terrain is a little rough and not really suitable for a gentle Sunday stroll. ¬†My friend and I went with a new group and none of us had ever been before, so no one knew what to expect (you can read travel guides but unless you’re actually doing the walk yourself, it can be tricky to gauge how difficult it will be) but we all went at our own pace and everyone was very patient and considerate of the slower-climbing members (ie me – Miss Fat’n’Fainty).


The scenery was beautiful, with amazing views down through the valley.  We snuck into the quarry, which is actually fenced off but some lovely soul had cut a hole in the wire so you could squeeze through.  Ah, vandalism, sometimes you can be helpful!  The colours in the rock and surrounding landscape were stunning, as were the bright blue flashes of the little native Splended Fairy Wren (wish I had been fast enough to get a photo Рthey are just gorgeous).


Unfortunately, having to watch where we were treading/climbing, for fear of tripping or breaking an ankle, meant we weren’t able to stop and take in the sights as much as I would have liked. ¬†But it was still lovely and made me feel good to be out in the fresh air and not being a slacker (ie staying home, rugged up in bed, on this cold and chilly morning). ¬†The group we hiked with were really friendly and chatty, and made the morning very pleasant indeed. ¬†Apparently, there are a number of trails you can follow and so maybe, next time, we will go on one of the longer ones, which may be less steep and treacherous. ¬†I am very clumsy and have terrible balance, so someone else may find it very easy to hike this particular trail and wonder what the heck I am talking about. ¬†I personally wouldn’t take dogs or kids on the trail we walked, but I did see some people bringing their pooches along with them.


All in all, a beautiful spot to get some exercise and take in the natural beauty of our gorgeous state, without having to drive a million miles from suburbia. ¬†Worth a look ūüôā

Thank you for stopping by.  And a big thank you to all my new followers Рyour support is very much appreciated! x


A Visitor at Last!

Quite some time ago I got a couple of bird baths to hang in my garden.  I have a lot of birdlife in my neighbourhood and, with the Summers being so hot, I wanted them to have access to water.  I thought I would have lots of happy birdies availing themselves of the amenities I provided.  But no.  Not a one.  I figured maybe they just chose to turn up when I was out or at work or whatever.  As the months went by I came to the conclusion the local bird population was snubbing my water station and frequenting some other location for their hydration needs.

I didn’t take the bird baths away, but I did forget to refill them regularly (possibly the reason the birds chose to stay away). ¬†Wally, my garden Wattlebird (cranky guardian of my grevilleas) sits near them every day and watches me eat my breakfast through the window (I mean he watches through the window…I’m not eating my breakfast through a window – that would be strange). ¬†I’ve never seen him partake of any water though – even on the hottest days. ¬†He is a quite large bird though, so perhaps doesn’t feel safe perching on the swinging bird bath. ¬†He’s also quite territorial so it’s possible he has been warning all the other birds away.

My little¬†Willy Wagtail, whose melodic song means Spring is only a few short weeks away, also likes to hang out NEAR the bird baths but I haven’t seen him actually perch on them or take a drink. ¬†I think they’re just mocking me now – my water isn’t up to their standards apparently.

But, hallelujah! ¬†This morning as I ate my very late breakfast ( I slept in – it was glorious, but now I have wasting-the-day guilts) I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a bird DRINKING OUT OF THE BIRD BATH!!! ¬†A bird I had never seen before in my garden, was happily having a long drink out of my bird bath, swinging away in the breeze and enjoying a spot of sunshine (it’s been raining heavily all morning – hence the bird bath actually having water in it!). ¬†I managed to get a couple of sneaky photos of him before he noticed me, peering out of the window and doing a silent happy dance.


I think he is a Grey Butcherbird. I have seen them before, mostly down by the foreshore, but never in my garden before. ¬†I was so happy to see him! ¬†But then a bit sad because I will be moving soon and will have to start the whole wooing-birds-into-my-garden process all over again. ¬†I don’t really even HAVE a garden in my new place (if I ever actually get to settlement) so will have to put in lots of natives to attract the local bird population. ¬†A garden with no birdies is so sad!

I didn’t know a lot about Butcherbirds, so did a bit of research. ¬†I found that they have a lovely, warbling song, a bit like a magpie (listen HERE) and that they can be quite aggressive during nesting season. ¬†I also read that they “..prey on small animals, including birds, lizards and insects, as well as some fruits and seeds. Uneaten food may be stored in the fork or a branch or impaled. Grey Butcherbirds sit on an open perch searching for prey which, once sighted, they pounce on. Most mobile prey is caught on the ground, though small birds and insects may be caught in flight. Feeding normally takes place alone, in pairs or in small family groups…” (Thanks, Birdlife Australia)


He’s a handsome fellow and I’m glad he stopped by. ¬†I’m hoping he feels safe enough to come again and maybe bring a friend. ¬†Maybe sing a song or two (now that I know what I’m listening for!).

Thank YOU for dropping by, too.  My blog is a little lack-lustre these days due to being in the midst of packing boxes and house-buying dramas and just being in a general state of disarray.  Please bear with me while I muddle through my messy life.




Birds with Hats (When all else fails…)

Last weekend I was trying desperately to make some decent cards.¬† Sometimes, the creative Gods turn their backs on you and you have to just struggle along on your own.¬† That’s what happened to me last weekend.¬† I mucked about for ages, trying to put things together that I liked but, sadly, I ended up not achieving very much and being less than impressed with anything I did manage to finish.

To the rescue came IKEA.¬† That beacon of light when all is darkness and you can’t see the woods for the badly-collaged trees.¬† I’ve had these little bird postcards for AGES – I can’t remember exactly when I got them – and they’ve been sitting, propped up, in my bookshelves.¬† It suddenly occurred to me that I should try and incorporate them in my own card-making.¬† Mostly because they’re birds, and I love birdy-related things, but also because they were a good background piece that wouldn’t need much embellishment.¬† Basically, I was lazy and wanted a quick fix to my creative dilemma.

With a few tiny scraps of paper, text, lace and other bits and pieces, I made these quirky little cards.¬† They’re not perfect, but I kinda like them, their simplicity, and the fact I finished each one really quickly.¬† Plus, you know I love a bird with a hat.

A friend has already nabbed the yellow (finch? canary?) one and I will probably use the other ones myself or just add them to my sales stock.

It would be nice if we could fix our lives this easily, just by¬†donning a hat (although, I haven’t tried…maybe it could work?) and bunging on a few bits of text (I wonder what mine would say?).¬† But, if all else fails, there’s always IKEA – that fixes everything.¬† Or at least distracts you for a few hours while you wander around looking at all the pretty things and stuff you don’t need and trying to figure out how to pronounce things.¬† Which is a bit like life, really, ie wandering around bemused and confused and getting sidetracked.

Hope you’re a happy little birdy today and always


Houses for Birdies

Houses for Birdies

Just a quick post to show you the bird houses my brother has been making.¬† He’s been using old wooden pallets – great idea for recycling!¬† He has added bits of fallen branches and painted the houses¬†in rustic colours or left them plain and unpainted.¬† They’re more decorative than functional, but maybe some little birdies will be looking for just such a house to hide in or raise some babies.

I love these, and my brother ūüôā

PS ¬†I have been fiddling about with my blog’s theme/appearance as you may have noticed if you’re a regular reader… I haven’t settled on one that I really like yet, so please bear with me while I chop and change, and hopefully I will get it right soon! x