Tarting Up Your Drawers

Hello everyone and greetings from a wet and cold Perth.  It’s Summer and should be hot, fine, blue skies-a-plenty.  But no.  We are having a cold, wet spell which is totally bizarre for January in Western Australia.  And you know how I hate the cold.  So I am feeling a bit miserable.  Although, I have to say, my gardens (both at home and at work) will be loving it, as will the poor fire fighters who normally are battling big blazes this time of year.

Over the weekend I was determined not to waste time and faff about, so I did lots of gardening and cleaned the house (a bit – let’s not get crazy) and tarted up my drawers.  No, not THOSE drawers (no one sees them but me anyway, ha ha) but my wooden, storage drawers.  I have had these for approximately twenty years.  I was supposed to paint and decorate them immediately when I bought them.  Did that happen?  Apparently not, hence my makeover of them this weekend.  Hey, you can’t rush these things, right?


So, to start with I painted them with off-white house paint (I had a sample pot lying around, as you do).  I only did the sides and top, and the little edges that show at the front.  I could lie and tell you I sanded and prepped the wood beforehand, but I’d be fibbing.


While the paint was drying, I selected some pretty scrapbooking papers (that was the longest part of the process – choosing papers) and then drew around the individual drawers to get the shape of them, onto the back of the papers.  The bottom drawers was longer so I had to join two strips of paper for this.


Then, I simply glued the paper to the drawers and trimmed off any misaligned bits (ie where I had done some dodgy tracing).  Someone who is less slack than me would then have sanded back the white pint and possibly the edges of the paper to make everything nice and smooth and neat.  But, as this project was just for me, and I just wanted to get it finished, I skipped the extra steps.


The whole thing took me about an hour.  And twenty years, but hey, who’s counting?!  I’m really pleased with it and it definitely brightens up my craft room.  My rubber stamps have a nice, colourful and pretty home now.


I’m going to try and not procrastinate so much this year and just get little projects like this done and dusted.  This would actually make a nice gift for someone, and you can easily pick up these type of drawers at IKEA or even in an op-shop (thrift store) for just a few dollars.

Hope you are having a colourful, creative day – thank you for stopping by x



…and a partridge (sans) a pear tree

Last-minute mad card-making and doodling for Sunday’s market stall.  Why I always think I can make things right up to the eleventh hour, I do not know.  It’s craziness.  These are my little partridges sans a pear tree.  They all look different – the front one is probably the best and then it all went south from there (I can never draw the same thing twice – the bird at the back looks like a budgie) but I’m still quite happy with them.  I am remembering to wear my new glasses most of the time, which is helping when I am doing detailed colouring.  I still have to mount these on card blanks and maybe stamp a little sentiment underneath (which is always fraught with danger because I am hopeless at stamping straight!) and package them up.

Hope your day is happy – wish me luck at the market! 🙂


Bright Lights…

Bright Lights…

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  Actually, it does – I’m a miserable bugger – but small things do mean a lot to me.  One thing I think makes everything better, without fail, is fairy lights.  It is fair to say I would put them on everything if I could.  They’re twinkly and pretty – what’s not to love?

This weekend, when I was supposed to be cleaning up for rent inspection, I took some time out to add some fairy lights to my bathroom mirror.  As you do.  I had picked up these lights in the pre-Christmas sales and they were super cheap.  I don’t have a big Christmas tree or anywhere else really suitable for a large string of lights (I had considered over my bed head, but had visions of me entangled in them while I slept so put that idea on the back burner), plus these were plug-in ones, not battery operated, so they needed to be near a power source.  I also got some little adhesive hooks to attach the lights to.  I am fully expecting these to fall off in the near future, but we’ll wait and see…

So, an hour and a half later and a few scary minutes teetering on a chair in the bathroom, I had a lovely, sparkly and bright extravaganza around my mirror.  So pretty.  Makes me almost believe I am pretty and sparkly and bright too.  Well, let’s not get carried away…there’s only so much good lighting can do, after all!  But they’re fun and make my bathroom seem a little less pedestrian and unisex.  The only annoying thing is the settings keep resetting themselves each time I turn the lights off.  So I have to re-do the setting each time – otherwise I get an epileptic-fit-inducing strobe effect happening.  I just want them on static – no flickering or strobing, thank you.  This is not a disco.

Anyway, finally a project I completed and am happy with.  I am trying to get around to doing these little things around the house, instead of sitting on the idea for years, until I no longer want to do it.  For a mere $7.50 and a little bit of time and effort, I have prettied up my bathroom and made it look like I give a damn.  Next up – painting my coffee table and doll house!  Stay tuned!  (you might have to get comfortable…) 🙂





Painted Wooden Brooches

Painted Wooden Brooches

Hi all.  My last post was a bit depressing so here’s something a little brighter.  I painted these little wooden brooches this week (well, they will be brooches when I varnish and attach a brooch back to them!).  I wanted to do something a little bit different to my usual jewellery-making and cards.  I’m am not a dab-hand at painting.  I am too clumsy and have horribly unsteady hands but I always seem to end up doing tiny things which require great precision and attention to detail.  Nevermind, I was quite happy with these, if only because they brightened my mood and kept my brain calm and occupied for a little while (the big black dog has been following me around mercilessly this month and I am retreating further and further in to my shell, emotional-eating like a woman possessed, worrying incessantly about things and just generally being moody and sad).  There are a few errant “blobs” here and there (not noticed until the paint had dried and I’d taken photos of them).  Still, I enjoyed painting as a change and made use of these funny little wooden off-cuts that I had had for years.
I might make a couple of the smaller pieces into pendants too.

What do you think?  Be kind – I am delicate and fragile right now, prone to messy weeping and unattractive fits of self-pity.

Going to the big annual charity book sale tomorrow with Mum (as it is a public holiday here).  Oh, the joy of books!  I hope to come home with a bursting trolley of titles, maybe a few non-fiction goodies (craft and gardening books) as well as some foreign language books (for collage and cutting up).

Hope your weekend has been happy 🙂






Sunday Doodles

Sunday Doodles

This weekend has flown by.  I’ve been so busy and have had little time to myself.  I drove down to my Dad and Step-Mum’s place for dinner last night and stayed until lunchtime today.  I don’t visit them as often as I should and my Dad has been unwell this month so I wanted to see him.  It’s not a terribly long drive – only about 2.5 hours – but it does obviously take up time and I’m always putting it off (I’m ashamed to say).  But I’m going to try and make it a more regular thing.  Hubby didn’t come with me so it’s a good time to just have some peace to myself and enjoy the drive with my own music blaring and watching the scenery go by.  My Dad lives in Boyanup and it’s so pretty and green with lots of wildlife as well as farmland and all its associated animals!  We went to a little market this morning to buy some fresh greens for Dad’s hens (they are so spoilt – they’re not even laying at the moment) and then had a leisurely breakfast.

I got home just before 3pm and got straight in to some card-making.  I wasn’t in the mood for getting all my supplies out, so I just stuck to drawing and doodling for some simple little birthday / friendship cards.  The light was starting to get bad (it’s been rainy all day) so my colouring-in was a bit dodgy.  I’m hoping no one notices that!  The first card I made was for a friend’s birthday this week.  She’s going to be 25.  Sigh.  I feel so old!  You’ll have toexcuse the shadows…as I said, it has been a dark and dreary old day!  Just realised I forgot to colour in the little heart too…(it’s supposed to be pink) and her cheeks are way too big.  Her eyes are coming out of her cheek bones.  Oh well!


The next card I made was a very simple “party hat” theme.  All went well until I finished sticking the pieces on and then realised I had made the card the wrong way round (i.e. it opens back to front).  Never mind – I will write something inside that apologises for my mistake 🙂


After that, I made a couple of bunny cards…



I like this little guy – he’s cute!

Next up, a lamp shade!  Which had me singing (to myself) “This little Light of Mine…” I just know that is gonna be stuck in my head now…  I wasn’t happy with the plainer version of this card:


…So I added some swirly swirls to add some background to it:


It’s not perfect, but it’s ok.  Bright and cheery, anyway!

Now it’s getting dark and very cold and I should think about something for dinner.  Which means clearing the table of all my craft stuff again!  I’m glad I got to do a few cards though – even though they’re only simple, it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and been a bit creative.  Wish I was better at drawing but you can’t have everything!

Work tomorrow – hope the day is a bit warmer and sunnier so I can go for a walk at lunch time.  I’m trying to lose weight and be healthier.  I’ve kinda let myself go!  Must try harder to not be a lazy slob. It’s so hard when it’s cold and miserable outside (that’s my excuse in the Winter…then in Summer it’s too hot and I might get burnt ha ha!).  Hope you are all healthy and warm, wherever you are.  I’m off to get into my jammies, put on a beanie and snuggle up on the couch with a hot water bottle.  Once I’ve cleaned up the table (groan…).  Have a great Monday – and remember to let YOUR light shine 🙂

Zombie Fail

Zombie Fail

I met with my lovely friend GK yesterday for a cuppa and catch-up.  She is my own personal little cheer squad when I am feeling down.  She is funny and smart and talented and just a bit nuts (thankfully – hanging out with super sane people just makes me insecure!).  We talked about life, love and what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-men type of things.  I need someone like her right now.  We’ve known each other for about 25 years – if I haven’t scared her off yet, hopefully she’ll stick around some more.

GK asked me (for reasons unknown) to “do something with zombies!” for the blog.  I can’t say that zombies are my forte.  I’ve watched The Walking Dead a bit (only in the day time though ’cause it is scary!) and a couple of zombie movies but I’m hardly an expert.  I know they moan a lot and look kinda gross and possibly have brains hanging out of their skulls.  I know they eat people.  I know they walk really slowly (like those people in shopping centres who WILL NOT GET OUT OF YOUR WAY WHEN YOU’RE IN A HURRY!) and they don’t have much fashion sense.  I can’t say I’ve ever drawn one before or thought much about them.

So I got to doodling last night and decided very quickly that a.) my drawing skills are rubbish and b.) that is especially true when zombies are in the mix.  It is safe to say my zombie craft night was a bit of a fail.  Examples:


Ok, so this guy looks like a cross between Frankenstein’s Monster and a member of a boy-band.  I only had bright pink marker pens so his brain is a little bit lively for a zombie.  I don’t even know what “zombie love” is.  I sincerely hope I don’t find out!


Coloured in outside the lines on the hearts… *slaps wrist and goes in the naughty corner for bad colouring*


This chap is possibly more zombie-like but I smudged him when I was colouring…annoying!  He looks more like an alien than a zombie.  But I tried!


See?  Smudgy neck…maybe it’s blood?

Well, anyway, I hope GK appreciates the effort and knows that I love her even if I can’t draw very well or colour INSIDE the lines.  Hope these little doodles brighten her day as she helped to brighten mine yesterday.

Zombie Love to you all!  🙂