Winter Wishes in Summer

Winter Wishes in Summer

So it’s Summer.  Or, at least, it should be.  Today is cold and wet and windy and gross.  I had to wear a scarf today, for heaven’s sake! And boots!  What the heck?!  I should be wearing shorts (although some people might not agree with me on that one…it is entirely possible I should never wear shorts, at least not in public) and t-shirts and be huffing and puffing about the heat and eating frozen grapes.  But no, Summer is being weird.

I was supposed to go out for breakfast this morning but both my friends cancelled so I stayed at home and made cards.  Christmas cards that I should have already made.  Because I am slack and slow and a bit unorganised.  But I’ve also been sick so, y’know, I have my legit reasons.

So, I finished off a bundle of my Little Peeps (as I now officially call them) cards.  I am happy to have gotten something done today instead of wasting too much time.  I am in a total mess now though.  I even glued my tea cup to the table by accident because my working space was a disaster zone.  But, for your viewing pleasure, here are my cards – done and dusted.  Only about 50 to go and I should have enough to actually give out to people 🙂

Have a happy week everyone x






Crimbo Doodles!

Crimbo Doodles!

Finally, after many weeks of not doing anything crafty at all, I managed to get in a few hours of creativity this weekend.  I was determined to do SOMETHING, even if it was just planning stuff out so I would have a head-start next weekend.

I desperately need to get started on my Christmas cards for this year.  I am so behind – normally I have some done by now but I have zero. Zip. Nada.  Which is pretty bad.  Especially since it takes me FOREVER to make just one and I need about 30 at least.  I don’t like resorting to bought ones, but the last couple of years I have had to.  And it irks me.

Anyway, enough waffling.  I sat down late on Saturday night and doodled a few little designs, so that they would be dry and ready to be coloured/painted on Sunday afternoon.  (Please excuse colouration of photos – I used Instagram and forgot to take any pics on my regular camera).



On Sunday, after attending a lecture on “Anxiety across the Lifespan” (interesting, I enjoyed the information on how the brain actually works during anxiety, and learnt about the Hand Brain Model which is useful for explaining said processes in an easy-to-visualise format) and having lunch with friends (Yum…Beetroot and Haloumi Salad at Circa), I went home and got stuck into painting my little peeps.  I did them rather brighter this time, not giving them the more pastel/watercolour look that I have done previously.


I added some elements (skin on face and hands, hair on some of them) with a Copic marker.


Then I got fed up altogether with using paint at all (I was having a wobbly hand day) and tried just using the Copics.  I only have a few colours and many of them are drying up (Lord knows how old they are…I have had them ages).  I didn’t have a nice bright red – just a deep burgundy colour.  But it looks ok and wasn’t too streaky, although on the larger areas, such as the body, I did feel it showed a bit too many streaks and patches.  Probably more to do with my technique than the pen itself…plus I was using watercolour paper so it probably wasn’t the best medium to use the pens on.


Finally, as it was nearly time to stop and pack up (ha ha – I say “pack up” like I am actually going to do that, instead of just leaving out for three weeks), I had an epiphany of sorts and decided to try paper-piecing instead of painting or colouring.  The result was the little lady below.  I kinda love her.  She looks a bit Charlie and Lola-esque but that was unintentional.  I really like the effect of the patterned paper and it was so much easier and less curse-word-inducing than painting or colouring in.  I still used the markers for the smaller elements (skin, hair, pom-pom etc) but used paper for the hat and dress.  Voila!


 I have always liked paper as a medium.  I don’t know why I didn’t just do it like this to start with.  I have a ridiculous amount of patterned paper, so I should be able to make a load of cards like these in no time.  Although, truthfully, it will still take me forever, because I am picky about coordinating colours and patterns.  But still, at least I accomplished something for the weekend!  Last night I finished off the day by sitting and doodling lots of heads and hands, hat bands and pom-poms so that I can put them together with the papers at a later stage.  Hopefully not too much later.  I don’t want to go another month without creating.  It’s too important and too much fun and makes life much more enjoyable 🙂

Hope your weekend was happy and creative and exactly how you wanted it to be x

Small Things

Small Things

I have finished the doodle I started a couple of days ago.  I just got the urge to colour in and add a quote and be done with it.  It’s not perfect but I am happy the first page of my art journal is done (even if it’s not actually the first page, but somewhere in the middle!).  I am hoping to be a little more mixed-media-ish in coming pages but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I finished something and that is no small feat for me.  Be faithful in small things, indeed 🙂

IMG_1651 IMG_1650 IMG_1653

Colour Shop

Colour Shop

My house is a crazy mess right now.  I mean, normally it is a mess but, right now, it is a CRAZY mess.  There are beads everywhere – on the table, under the table, in the nooks and crannies of the couch, rolling around in the kitchen and hiding under furniture.  There is card and paper and glue and paint and tape and scissors and STUFF everywhere.  I am still busily making things for my mini-market on the weekend.  I am trying to make lots of different things in different styles and colours so there is something for everyone.  I always say that, but then I end up worrying that I don’t have enough variation or a big enough mix of items.  But I only have a couple of days left and then I have to go into mega-crazy cleaning mode.  I have to find all those pesky beads and scraps of paper and tidy up so that my house looks the very model of neatness and togetherness.  It will all come together in the end, it always does, but I still worry.  I don’t want anyone to come and be disappointed or not like what I have or not find anything that is suitable for them.

Here’s a few of the latest things I have made this week.  A few more colours this time and maybe some more dangly, bigger styles.  The first pair (the pink and green ones) have already gone (the dangers of putting their pictures on Instagram before the sale day itself) which I am pleased about because I wasn’t sure if anyone would like them.  You just never know what people are going to go for (another reason I try and make lots of different things, not just stuff I myself would like to wear).

Hope your day has been colourful and happy 🙂

IMG_9108IMG_8944 IMG_9125 IMG_9127  IMG_9133  IMG_9131 IMG_9139  IMG_8947  IMG_8949 IMG_8941

Wood ‘n’ Blues

Wood ‘n’ Blues

Another quickie post today…I’m getting a bit slack, aren’t I? I couldn’t even think of a decent title. But there’s some wooden beads here and lots of blues, so… My favourite colours to use, blue and brown. I am drawn to them in all aspects of life. Blue is the colour of the sky, of my eyes and, sometimes, of my mood. Brown is the colour of nature and of animals and of the earth. Blue and brown together makes me think of the ocean, the beach and all things coastal. So I decorate in these hues and often dress in them too. I also like to use them in crafting – lots of my cards features these colours and I often find myself picking out blue beads to go with brown wooden ones. But I’m waffling. I could have saved some time and just said “Here are some more earring pairs I made on the weekend.”

So, um, here are some more earring pairs I made on the weekend 🙂

IMG_9124IMG_9138  IMG_9123 IMG_9111 IMG_9109

Painted Wooden Brooches

Painted Wooden Brooches

Hi all.  My last post was a bit depressing so here’s something a little brighter.  I painted these little wooden brooches this week (well, they will be brooches when I varnish and attach a brooch back to them!).  I wanted to do something a little bit different to my usual jewellery-making and cards.  I’m am not a dab-hand at painting.  I am too clumsy and have horribly unsteady hands but I always seem to end up doing tiny things which require great precision and attention to detail.  Nevermind, I was quite happy with these, if only because they brightened my mood and kept my brain calm and occupied for a little while (the big black dog has been following me around mercilessly this month and I am retreating further and further in to my shell, emotional-eating like a woman possessed, worrying incessantly about things and just generally being moody and sad).  There are a few errant “blobs” here and there (not noticed until the paint had dried and I’d taken photos of them).  Still, I enjoyed painting as a change and made use of these funny little wooden off-cuts that I had had for years.
I might make a couple of the smaller pieces into pendants too.

What do you think?  Be kind – I am delicate and fragile right now, prone to messy weeping and unattractive fits of self-pity.

Going to the big annual charity book sale tomorrow with Mum (as it is a public holiday here).  Oh, the joy of books!  I hope to come home with a bursting trolley of titles, maybe a few non-fiction goodies (craft and gardening books) as well as some foreign language books (for collage and cutting up).

Hope your weekend has been happy 🙂