Doodle Drama and Poorly Mama

Doodle Drama and Poorly Mama

I had a somewhat dramatic night on Saturday when my Mum stayed over.  We were going to go to a craft & antiques fair on Sunday morning, so it’s just easier if she stays overnight at my place.  We had a nice early part of the evening – yummy dinner supplied by my super wonderful library volunteer (she makes the best curries and is nice enough to bring me some regularly), watching some TV and chatting about what we hoped to find at the craft show.  My Mum had a sore finger – she thought she had a rose thorn or something in it – and asked me to have a look and maybe lance it.  I did so, using a very sterile scalpel blade and made a tiny wee cut in the finger.  Barely any blood and nothing icky like pus coming out of it.  Mum started to feel a bit queasy so she sat on the floor while I put some disinfectant on the finger and a little bandage.  Then, feeling even more queasy, Mum passed out.  Quite dramatically (thank God she was on the floor already and didn’t fall from a standing position).  The worst part was I couldn’t make her wake up again.  She didn’t come round for what seemed like ages.  It was probably only 20 seconds but it seemed like forever.  Finally she came to and sat up again.  She then began to be sick.  And sick.  And sick (thank God again for handy buckets!).  She felt dreadful and so nauseated.  I managed to get her back to the couch to lie down (keeping the bucket nearby).  She was still being ill and I decided to call an emergency health line. They gave me advice and asked lots of questions before giving me some numbers to call for an emergency, after-hours doctor.  I was lucky to get one to come out within 30 minutes and he checked Mum over and said she would be fine.  He gave her an injection to stop the vomiting and told me to just let her sleep it off.  Which she did.  Yours truly, however, stayed wide awake, listening to make sure she was ok.  Once I heard her snoring (ha ha), I knew she was comfortable and asleep.

In the morning she popped up like a cork, as though nothing had happened.  I could tell she wasn’t quite right though, despite her saying she definitely wanted to go to the craft show.  We did go, and had a nice time, but I was worried about Mum.  I kept nagging her to go to a GP and get the finger looked at and herself checked out again.  She did so on Tuesday and got some antibiotics and is now feeling better.
I will be in therapy for the rest of my life however.  I thought I had killed her!

Another, rather less distressing drama is my search for the perfect marker pen (or textas, as we call them in Australia).  I use a particular kind of paper, when I am drawing my little doodles that I use on cards.  The paper was given to me years ago by a friend of Mum’s and it is glossy and matte all at the same time.  I think it is a kind of photo paper…or possibly the paper they put between photo paper.  I don’t really know – she just gave me a huge bundle of it.  Anyway, I have used it for years as it works so well with coloured markers, giving the finished design a neat, almost printed effect.  Well, I still have lots of the paper, but my textas are running out (I’ve only had them 15-20 years, you’d think they’d last a bit longer ha ha).  I have looked for similar ones EVERYWHERE.  And I mean everywhere.  I have bought countless packets, trying them out to see if they work in the same way.  But no.  It’s doing my head in.  I have a theory that the ones I am trying now are all super non-toxic and full of modern whizz-bang ingredients.  My old ones were probably made from mercury or whale-oil or something.  I need to explain this in pictures…Below, you will see several little figures I have drawn and coloured.  Notice the seamless, bright and uniform hair colour?  That texta is still working – just.  See how there is no blotchiness to it?  No lines or colouring marks?  The green dress and blue dress at the bottom are coloured with an almost-running-out texta.  See the blotchiness and the uneven colouring?  It’s not too bad but with the new pens I have bought, it’s dire.  The colour is so unsaturated and you can see all the colouring lines and it’s horrible.  Horrible!  (am realising now I should have taken a picture of the new colouring for you but it was just too heartbreaking).  So what’s a girl to do?  I am thinking if I can’t find the right pens I will have have to change my technique, maybe do them in water colours on different paper and use a permanent pen for the outline.  Sigh.  But it’s all about change and growth, right?  Not getting stuck in a creative rut, trying new things?  But I like the old things dammit!  I’ve tried all different brands – cheap ones to expensive ones (hello Copic!) but to no avail.  So sad.  Oh well, I will keep trying and maybe a change will improve my little pictures and start me off on a new creative path.  Who knows?

May all your days be frustration free and void of fainting Mothers! 🙂

IMG_8478 IMG_8489IMG_8402 IMG_8421

Craft shows and Card Making…

Craft shows and Card Making…

Sunday once again and time to do some crafting and possibly some tidying up.  Maybe not so much of the second thing though.  I did put all my beads and jewellery making stuff away.  Just to clear my brain a little bit – I’ve been doing nothing else but making earrings and necklaces and I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything else and had lost my mojo.  I went to a BIG craft convention yesterday with my Mum and a friend from work.  So mega huge (the convention, not my friend – she’s pretty much normal size) and we spent most of our time trying to push through the crowds in order to get to our favourite stalls (which were obviously everyone else’s favourites as well).  It was so busy!  The thing that annoys and frustrates me the most is that a lot of these sellers were from the Eastern states, very few were actually from Perth.  But the crowds were massive and that leads me to believe that it would be a good idea for people to open up craft shops here.  But we are seriously lacking in anything crafty and creative, unless you count Spotlight (and I don’t).  There are a few places you can go of course, but they are few and far between and I think we all hang out for these big conventions so we can get some goodies that we don’t see all the time here.

Anyway, I did spend a bit of money but I don’t think I went crazy.  I’ve been a bit more discerning lately, not just buying stuff because it’s there and is pretty.  I bought some nice beads…


…love these heavy garnet-red glass ones…


…these ceramic ones are such a pretty mix of colour…


…I’m still not quite sure why I got these pink wooden ones but they were really inexpensive and I don’t have a lot of pink in my stash…


…same story with the blue-coloured ones (even though I have lots of blue already…)…


…multi-coloured howlite beads at half price…


…howlite skull beads – also half price – love the bright colours…

I also got card-making supplies including a big Martha Stewart flower punch, some printed tissue paper, wooden kitties, some tiny little wooden birdies that are so cute, some text/words/sayings, lots of nice lace and some gorgeous washi tape with pretty birds and vintage images on.  I didn’t realise the little wooden cats were floral on one side until I got them home – I think I like the plain side better. The printed tissue paper is by Collections Elements and we were lucky enough to be served at the register by the lovely Julie van Oosten who is the creator of the Collections Elements range.  She was kind enough to have a little chat to me about what she does and how to go about starting such a business.  It was so busy and I was very grateful that she took the time to talk to me.  Check out her website and blogs – I have been a fan of her products for years and she is based in WA so that makes it all the better!









I also got some delicate little paper bird cages and lanterns which I wanted to use straight away.  I made two cards today with them – one has an inked bird cage as I wanted it to be black and stand out more.  I’m a little out of practice with card-making just now.  I’ve lost the old mojo a little bit but I was determined to make some today even if they were just for “practice”. I’m not particularly happy with them, but they’re a start and I will hopefully get back into the swing of things if I keep making a couple each week.




Before packing away my jewellery supplies I did finish off a couple of items that had people waiting on them.  This bracelet was for a friend of a friend who asked me to make her one and to use any colours I liked.  She wanted me to surprise her.  Which always worries me because you never know what other people’s tastes are.  I made this one with onyx, red glass and the polished stone beads I bought a few weeks ago (they look like little quail eggs to me!).  Hope she likes it.


Well, I had better go and sort something out for dinner, clear up my mess and start thinking about what I will wear to work tomorrow (does anyone actually find that easy? I swear I don’t understand how I can have a wardrobe full of clothes and have nothing to wear!).  My house smells of cinnamon (I’ve been baking – I needed cookies today) and the heater is on, shielding me from the miserable weather outside.  I’m not quite as miserable inside as I was last night (apologies again for that) and I am going to try and be positive during the week ahead.

Hope your week is sunshiny and happy x

PS I almost forgot – speaking of things sunshiny and happy – this week I nipped into a nearby op-shop, just to have a quick look and I came out with this lovely folk-art-inspired jug.  So lovely!  It’s not vintage or anything but I just really liked the yellow, happy colour and cheeky little rooster.  At $10 it was more than I would usually spend in an op-shop but I liked it so much I had to have it…


Craft Convention Madness!

Craft Convention Madness!

I like a craft show.  All that paper and ribbon and buttons and crafty goodness all over the place.  My purse shudders in terror because it knows it will be given a work-out.  And today at the 2013 Perth Craft & Quilt Fair, it was no exception!  Mum and I started out early in the morning so we could get there just after it opened for the last day of trading.  We did our usual “sweep” of the place first, deciding what we wanted to go back to later on, buying a few bits and pieces we didn’t want to risk losing or missing out on, and “oohed and ahhed” over the stuff on display.  The Fair is great because it is mostly supplies which is what we are interested in.  It also features a lot of companies and shops from over East that we can usually only shop at via online methods.

So many inspiring stalls and things to see.  Beads and buttons and fabric and quilts and wool and scrapbooking supplies and tools and paper crafting…

I wasn’t able to take photos as they had a no photo policy (unless you had express permission from each stall holder and I couldn’t be bothered with all of that!) so I can only show you my “haul” for the day.  I did come home with money in my purse so that’s a good thing.  It was rather less money than I started out with though!

It was a lovely day out with my Mum but we were both pretty tired by the end of it…now we just want to make stuff with all our goodies! So, here’s a sampling of what I bought:

Pretty, lacey edging…


…Victorian scrap…


…dainty little ceramic beads…


…Copic markers…


…pastel seam binding…


…teeny, weeny buttons…


…tiny acrylic blossoms and leaves…Image

…mini french postcards…Image

…paper flower cutouts…Image

…gorgeous green glass beads…Image

…more buttons…Image

…rustic trim…Image

..delicate pom-pommed trim…Image

…tiny (but sharp!) scissors and blending card…Image

…co-ordinating papers…Image

…jewellery findings…Image

…don’t you love this little “door” locket?  Love, love, love…Image

…paper flowers in lovely, dusty shades…Image

…shabby snowflakes…Image

…and cute cabochons…


It was so much fun and we got lots of bargains.  Now I just want to get stuck in and make things!  But it is Sunday night, it’s dark and cold, I have to iron tomorrow’s clothes and make my lunch – so no crafting for me.  But I will sleep well tonight with dreams of all things creative and arty, until I get some time next weekend to create a few new items and have a play with all these goodies 🙂

Treasured Craft Creations

Treasured Craft Creations

Ah, weekend…is there any sweeter word?  Well, it’s a sweet word now that I don’t have to work on weekends!  Even sweeter when it’s combined with “Craft” and “Show”.  This particular weekend was host to the “Treasured Craft Creations” 3-in–1 market at the Claremont Show Grounds.  It is held several times a year and combines art’n’craft, vintage and antiques & collectables all under the one roof.  You could easily spend a whole day if you were to check out everything on display and go to each different section.  Mum and I (being seasoned TTC regulars) were only interested in the craft area this time so spent just a few (happy) hours wandering around the stalls and buying a few supplies and gifts.  We know which stalls we want to look at and which ones we don’t have a need for (there’s only so many times you can see crocheted peg holders or ironing board covers) but, this time, there were a few new stalls to check out which was a nice change and warranted further inspection and the taking home of business cards and flyers.

Anyway, here’s a selection of goodies on display…

Lots and lots of lavender – pretty purple everywhere! (I don’t remember seeing the
lavender sherbet lollies at the time otherwise I would have bought some!




Pretty gypsy-inspired jewellery, bags and scarves…


Love, love, loved this stall (Clay & Clasp) by local artist Lucy.  Such pretty pastel colours and cute designs.  I was so busy trying to get a photo,
I didn’t actually stop and buy something.  But I’m going to the website to see what takes my fancy.  Love the macaroon necklaces – how cute are they?
(sorry, photo is a bit blurry…hard to take a decent pic in jostling crowds!)



Lots of lovely soaps – handmade with glorious scents…


Cool little wooden plaques – like the colour scheme…beachy!


Adorable bunny pendant – also had dogs, cats, koalas etc.  Super cute!


Fabric and more fabric in every conceivable colour and pattern…


Plenty of jewellery for all styles and budgets… (I always look at jewellery for its components…can I make
something else with these beads/charms etc?)


We had a quick look at all the vintage clothes but we were really in more of a crafty mood so we moved on after a short while…


Candles everywhere!  Lots of lovely soy-based ones with beautiful fragrances and colours (although I must admit I like the plain cream ones best).
Mum picked up a few 
tea lights for her oil burner and little candle holders.


Loved these little owl pictures – isn’t he sweet, all sequinned and fluffy?


Something to jazz up your plant pots – Flower Pot Fillies!


I really must get into the cabochon trend – really like the jewellery and hair clips people are making…


This was one of the new stalls – “With Love by Bec” – great stuff, very reasonably priced and such pretty things! Lots of stripes
and polka dots and bunting (three of my favourite things!).  I really wanted the polka dot satchel…I ummed and aahed about it too long and
when I went back it was gone 😦




Gorgeous glass beads and steampunk jewellery…



Quirky-but-beautiful pottery.  Loved these indigo-hued bowls and dishes. Some of them had little feet and wings!


I have to admit my ultimate aim at these craft shows is to stock up on card blanks.  Boring I know but necessary.
P & K Craft Supplies always have awesome-quality blanks and I tend to come out with a big bagful of stuff…
I think the owner might think I am stalking him – he sees me at EVERY craft show he does.


So, what did I buy?  Well…I was reasonably restrained and just got things I knew I would use….

Lots of cards and envelopes, some bookmarks and some glitter
(and some teeny little price tags for when I’m selling my jewellery etc)


Some beautiful lace – Mum and I went halves on a 12 metre bundle – only $5.00!


An awesome “seconds” bag of Twiddlybitz pieces.  All this for $5.00!  Most of it was in perfect condition and the bits
that weren’t were so minimally damaged it was barely even visible.  Bargain!


So that was just a selection of the fine things on display.  My camera died very early on in proceedings so I couldn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  I did get fudge though and THAT is important!  Now I have a day at home to spend making cards and maybe tidying up a little bit (ha! unlikely!).  Then it’s back to work tomorrow…boo…but work equals pay packet and pay packet equals craft supplies so, y’know, it’s a necessity…  Happy crafting everyone – hope your weekend has been fun 🙂