Feline Pretty

Hello hello!  A quickie post today…

One of my collaging efforts from the weekend, this pretty little kitty in her fabulous blue dress.  I must admit I have been hammering that brick stencil quite a lot lately – it just gets me out of a fix when I can’t decide on a suitable background.  It always works and always looks good.  I should have positioned “Maddie” a little better, because she looks like she’s floating in mid-air.  But then, in that lovely dress, who wouldn’t be?  I also love her ruby t-bar shoes.  She’s so caught up in how fetching she looks, she isn’t even bothered by that wee mousey by her feet.  I added the little heart brooch to give the outfit some more colour and detail – can’t have a girl looking unaccessorised! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by x


Parties, Memories & a Bit of Crafting…

Parties, Memories & a Bit of Crafting…

Well, this week has been a busy, stressful and tiring one.  I’ve been a little bit unwell – nothing terrible, just bad neck and back pain combined with some nausea and headaches – and have had some time off work which I rarely do.  I think I was just a bit stressed out and it always affects me physically.  I had been helping my cousin get ready for her 40th Birthday and that in itself was a stressful situation (you think I’m a stress-head? Amplify that by about a million and you get my cousin…) with drama after drama, dresses not arriving, worries about catering, finding wait-staff etc etc turning what should have been a nice backyard celebration into a full-on spectacle.  It all ended up perfect of course – the long-awaited dress (bought on Ebay) turned up the day of the party, the food was all gorgeous and there was plenty of it, wait-staff were booked and performed admirably and everyone who attended had a great time and went to great effort with their outfits (it was a “Fire and Ice” theme).  I cannot say I enjoy parties.  I try to, I really do, but I just don’t get them.  I’m just really uncomfortable and nervous and shy (ugh – I hate saying that; it sounds so lame and childish) and I hate the noise (God, I am so old!) and trying to talk to people by yelling and having to be sociable.  So, really, I am just a party-pooper.  I don’t drink so I tend to feel a bit of an outcast around all the other people who are generally drinking, or already drunk.  I’m not saying you have to drink to have a good time – far from it – but sometimes being a non-drinker kinda places you at a disadvantage.  I don’t want to drink and even if I was able to have alcohol, I wouldn’t anyway because I am always the one driving.  Plus, I am a control freak and don’t like anything that alters my ability to have a handle on any situation.  Luckily, my brother and his partner were there, with my darling little niece, my Mum and all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles too.  Plus a couple of people I knew as friends of friends etc.  So I had some people to hang out with.  I still managed to occupy my usual haunts which (at any given party) are a.) the kitchen and b.) a handy dark corner.  I kinda used my Mum as an excuse to stay wherever she was (it would have been rude to just leave her on her own…) and the kitchen always needs an extra hand.  I did also supply a large batch of cake pops (the bloody things took forever to make…) so I had to supervise their display and serving…  At the end of the day, the party was for my cousin and she enjoyed herself immensely with all her friends and family and looked beautiful and was thoroughly spoilt, which is the most important thing.  I think I was just feeling blue because I’m on my own again and don’t have that significant other to fall back on (so to speak).  I felt like the odd one out yet again and it kinda sucks.

During the week, I did find time to make a couple of things (I had one glorious day off work where I sat and crafted all day, trying hard not to feel guilty about not being at work.  I was just so tired and mentally exhausted – I needed a day off to recoup and regroup) so here is a selection I made whilst watching, ahem, Dr Phil…


Little owls!  I’ve already sold a couple of pairs of these earrings – owls are the “in” thing apparently…


I really like these green ones…they look almost vintage…sort of…


Birds’n’berries (that’s what they look like to me – berries!)


This is a particularly bright and bold necklace but I figure some people are bright and bold (unlike me who is meek and boring ha ha)…


I call these the “Royal Sugared Almond” earrings…don’t you think they look edible?  Have already sold them…


Blue cubes…


Blue and white and swirly…


More birdies…this time on toadstools…


Black and sophisticated pearl…


Glass “gem stones” – love these beads…

I also had to find time to gather up some old photos for my cousin in England who is doing a photo book for my Aunt who has been unwell.  My cuz wanted a few pics of my Mum and us kids when we were all younger.  Some really nice ones of my Mum and I was kinda cute I suppose…


Look at my Mum – such a hottie hee hee!  She looks like a Charlie’s Angel or something 🙂


And me…rocking the socks-with-sandals look.  Hey, it was the seventies alright!?  You’ve gotta love the Tinkerbell pinny though!  And oh, the blonde hair!  Sigh…where did it go?

Now it is time to do some laundry, tidy up my house and get prepared for tomorrow.  I’ve got a hospital visit first thing – got to see my renal specialist for my 6 month check up.  Always makes me nervous but I hope everything is ok.  Then it is back to work – hopefully for a less stressful week and not too many dramas (last week was a tad hideous in many ways).

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are planning on having a wonderful week! 🙂

Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Birthday Bonanza (and lots of tea!)

Apologies for the lack of bloggyness.  I have been busy turning 40 and celebrating it and mourning the loss of my thirties (not really, I barely noticed their passing) and getting thoroughly spoilt by family and friends.  It’s such a tough life 🙂

On the morning of my birthday, I met with friends to have a delicious breakfast at the Witch’s Cauldron in Subiaco.  So yummy!  I always have the French Toast – it is stuffed with apple and served with strawberries, maple syrup and crème fraiche.  I could eat it for days…  My friend ‘M’ had the Blueberry Pancakes which looked amazing – they were HUGE, like, quite literally a stack of cakes on her plate.  ‘F’ had poached eggs and toast with bacon.  We all enjoyed our complementary homemade mint lemonades (so yummy – refreshing and tasty) and endless cups of tea.  I think we waddled out of there very satisfied, but groaning slightly.  ‘M’ & ‘F’ both presented me with lovely gifts – a gorgeous canister filled with Body Shop goodies and a potted succulent in a cute teapot.  Nice!

At lunchtime, I went over to my Mum’s to meet up with my best friend and her Mum.  They gave me a much-needed outdoor setting (two chairs with funky cushions and a little table, just right for tea for two!) so I can finally utilise my nice front courtyard.  My best friend also gave me a sweet little pendant from the RSPCA – very cute and just right for animal-loving me.

My cousin came by shortly after and we fortified ourselves with tea before heading out to op-shop. I needed something to wear to my high tea the following afternoon and my wardrobe, though very full, was looking decidedly uninspiring.  My cousin was also looking for something for herself (her birthday is coming up soon too) and so we parted ways at the front door of each store and met back at the change rooms and checkout.  I didn’t have much luck finding something suitable – I really wanted something pretty and girly but also for it to be something I could wear again.  I found a couple of nice dresses (and I did buy them) but they weren’t right for the high tea.  Eventually, after we had basically given up and were in dire need of a sit down and another cuppa, I saw a beautiful dress on sale in the window of a shop I wouldn’t normally go to (too rich for my blood).  I tried it on and it fit perfectly – the colour was lovely and it was just what I wanted.  Even more awesome was the fact it was reduced further in price when I got to the counter – originally $150 down to $37!  Such a bargain!  I hardly ever buy new things and even $37 is a lot to me, but it’s a heck of a lot better than $150!  I also got another dress – really pretty and floral, just so I would have a couple to choose from.  You know us girls, indecisive!

That evening, my Mum and I went to dinner with my Dad and Step-Mum.  It was a nice evening and we had a lovely meal (but I was good and didn’t have cake – in preparation for my high tea the next day).
I was pretty tired by then and glad to get home and put my feet up.

The next day I got up late (hey, I’m old now – I need my sleep!) and got ready to go to the high tea at the Pan Pacific.  For once in my life, my hair behaved itself and did exactly what I wanted it to.  Amazing!  That is an event that occurs very rarely.  I probably should have bought a lottery ticket…  My cousins picked me up (and Mum) and we all drove into the city, snagging a premium parking spot right outside the hotel (so lucky and it was free!).  I had told everyone to get there at 2pm despite the fact my booking wasn’t until 2.30pm.  I have a perpetually tardy family and I thought it best to let them think they needed to arrive earlier than they actually did.  Everyone got there on time, even my poor friend GK who had trouble finding parking (Perth on a weekend?  Forget it!).

The afternoon was lovely, spent with my family members and friends, yummy food and lots of laughs.  I had SUCH a nice time.  I got completely spoilt by everyone – such lovely gifts and cards and just general self indulgence and awesomeness.  I won’t list all the things I got, that’s a bit show-offy, but I was almost embarrassed by the amount of wonderful gifts I got.  I was just happy everyone was there – presents were a bonus!

The food was so yummy and I even let myself have some chocolate as a treat.  Come on, it was my birthday!

So many yummy things to sample!




 Getting’ full now…


 Forgot about these…I’ve still got room!


LOVE this picture! My cousin got me a gorgeous ring (gotta get it re-sized before I can wear it) of white gold and diamonds.  It’s two bands entwined together, to represent our friendship and bond 🙂

  My friends had organised a “Ten Questions” sheet for everyone to jot down memories, thoughts and favourite things about me.  These were touching and heart-warming at times but also bloody hilarious at others.  The amount of people present who didn’t actually know my date of birth was quite disturbing, considering they were at my 40th birthday party.

During the week, I had made simple little brooches for everyone and made up little thank you gifts with special teas in an envelope, tied up with raffia with the brooches as embellishment.  Gotta thank my awesome guests who made my day such a memorable event!





The restaurant presented me with this birthday platter at the end of the afternoon.  Don’t know where they thought I could fit any more food in!  I took the goodies home 🙂


My Mum and I.  Seriously, this is the only decent photo I have of us.  Ever.  We cannot pose for pictures, certainly not together – one of us is usually pulling a face or got our eyes shut.  Hopeless.  But I LOVE this one and will treasure it. 🙂




I am the luckiest girl in the world to have have had the bestest best friend in the world for nearly my whole life.  
She means the world to me 🙂
(That’s a lot of “worlds” in there…how about she means the Universe to me?)

The day was an amazing finish to a lovely weekend and I felt so loved and blessed and lucky.  I hope in another 40 year’s time I will be again celebrating with my wonderful family and friends – in fact, I wish I could turn 40 every year!  Or would that be greedy?  🙂

Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue

Just a quick post – gotta get my head together and think about my New Year’s Resolutions and goals before midnight hits…

One such resolution should focus on spending.  Or, rather, doing less of it.  I am generally pretty careful with my money but I do, like most people, buy things I don’t need.  I hardly ever buy brand new things, so I forgive myself somewhat, but buying is buying and I already have too much stuff so
I should promise to keep my purse shut in the New Year.

That said, I have had a lot of expenditure this week – primarily on my car which needed a major service, lights and brakes fixed, four new tyres and a wheel alignment.  Sigh.  All necessary things but still…the money had to be pried from my fingers like Kim Kardashian hanging on to her false eyelashes and Laboutins.  So I told myself not to spend any more this week if I could help it.  I then cleared out my wardrobe of unwanted items (four bags full – disgusting really) and took them all down to the local op-shop for donation.  Which would have been fine had I not then walked INTO the op-shop, instead of just stopping at the donation bins outside.  Sigh.  I desperately need new shoes (I have weird feet and find it impossible to find shoes to fit me plus I can’t walk in heels.  Or wedge heels.  Or really flat shoes.  And I don’t buy leather.  See? Impossible!) and was looking to see if there were any in the op-shop but no…nothing.  Which led me instead to the clothes racks – four t-shirts, two skirts and a dress later, I wandered over to the china and knick-knack section.  I have been wanting some nice cup and saucer sets so when people come over for tea I can actually serve it nicely instead of plonking a mug down in front of them.  So classy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with mugs – I’m not that elitist – but it is nice to be able to have some elegance in your life from time to time.  Anyway, I found this lovely set and bought a matching pair too.  So pretty.  I think it may be vintage but nothing fancy.  I just liked the colours and design.  It’s cute and my favourite colour, no chips and the glaze is in fairly good nick too.


Sweet and Petite!


The set is made in Japan…not sure why it has an English castle scene  on it though…


Ye Olde Castle on a hilltop…with pretty wildflowers.

Now all I need is someone to come over for tea… 🙂

Last Ditch Effort…

Last Ditch Effort…

Horribly busy day today.  Had to re-do a newsletter I am responsible for, for the FIFTH TIME because the powers that be kept changing their minds about what format they wanted it in and what info was to be in it etc.  If they just told me what they wanted in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to waste time changing it every five minutes.  Gahhh!!  Lots happening and my desk looks like a bomb went off…oh well, will get round to my other work tomorrow I guess!

So I kinda lied yesterday when I said I would pack up my stuff and stop making things for the night…I couldn’t resist just trying a few more things before it was truly time to put everything away and make room on the table for pesky dinner time (so inconvenient!).  I quickly made a few pairs of earrings and some more book markers – that way I at least felt like I had made a proper crafty effort for the weekend…


Like these little earrings…they look like tiny wee peaches!


Pretty petite blossoms…


These ones remind me of flying saucers…made out of boiled sweets maybe!


These are quite elegant…black and white never goes out of style I figure!


Blingy Bookmark # 3000!


And another!


A less fussy style for this one…


When you start seeing stars, it really IS time to pack up!

So, I did pack up eventually…and by pack up I mean pile it all in a corner so I can possibly get it out again quickly the next day…

Hope you had a great start to the week – have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy whatever you’re doing (if you can!)  🙂