Life Balance (Collage)

Hello everyone ūüôā

This collage was inspired by some of the changes and decisions I am having to make this year.  Trying to work out what works best for me, how to manage that pesky work/life balance, and making decisions about the future.  All things I would rather procrastinate about with my usual head-in-the-sand attitude.

I’m not good at making decisions.¬† I have trouble deciding what colour underwear to put on, let alone making decisions about employment or whether or not to buy a house.¬† While I have been a brave girl (sort of) and managed to buy my first home, I still struggle with the career side of things.¬† What am I supposed to be doing?¬† Am I doing what makes me happy?¬† Is it more important to be fulfilled and content in your work, or should paying your bills come first?¬† So tricky.

All I know is that I am calm and settled when I am crafting.¬† That is one part of the life equation I don’t want to give up.¬† No one else has to judge it or even see it.¬† It’s doesn’t have deadlines, most of the time, and no one will get fired if it isn’t done right.¬† It gives me a sense of achievement, and if I don’t like what I’ve made, I can just paint over it and no one else needs to know.

How do you balance your creative side and your needing-to-work side?¬† Or are you lucky enough to combine the two and make a living from your art?¬† I’d love to hear how you make things work for you.

Thank you for dropping by x




Grow (Bird & Egg Card)

Motto : If in doubt, add a bird.  If in REAL doubt, add an egg for good measure.

The above is very true for me. ¬†I probably fall back on to the old bird/egg/wings combo more than I should. ¬†But they appeal to me, and so I use them. ¬†There’s probably some deep-seated psychological reason I like to use these particular elements, but I don’t have time to work out what that is. ¬†I just like them dammit. ¬†Birds can fly and that makes them absolutely magical beings – ’nuff said. ¬†Birds have wings and lay eggs – all of these things go together, right? ¬†They represent growth and freedom and spirit and all things slightly esoteric and non-pedestrian.

The bird below looks slightly grumpy – I think I would too, if I had had to squeeze out an egg that monstrous. ¬†Maybe she’s just egg-sitting? ¬†Guarding it for a larger bird?
We may¬†never know…

I added a drop of dimensional magic to her eye, to add some depth and life, and gave the egg some bling (of course Рwhat would I do without those diamantes?).  I tried to find an egg that had the blues in it that would match some of the script on the paper.  I think it helps to tie everything together.

A pretty simple card that came together easily, without too much swearing or tantrum-throwing. ¬†I think Grumpy Bird and her Blue Egg belong together – may they “Grow” and live happily ever after.

I wish the same for you ūüôā

PS I accidentally scheduled this on the wrong day – sorry for bombarding you with extra posts, if you have received this today x


Frosty & the Egghead

Frosty & the Egghead

Had a lovely day at Mum’s today, crafting and chatting. ¬†Endless cups of tea, smooches with Alexander the Magnificent (our remaining beloved and very spoilt cat – he’s 16 now and looking great for his age) and lots of silliness (why is it no one understands me like my Mum?).

Mum’s been working on this little snowman for about two years. ¬†Seriously. ¬†She started his head ages ago and then he kept getting put away again and never finished. ¬†She was determined to complete him today but secretly I think she will probably keep editing and adding to him over the next couple of days. I left it a bit late to take photos today, as always, so it’s not the best shot of the little guy. ¬†He looks better in person though…


I faffed about making cards and some pendants. ¬†I was having a bad-back-and-neck day so I was feeling not so great which makes me, in turn, not so good at being creative. ¬†All I want to do is curl up in a big ball of painkillers and a hundred heat packs. ¬†But life goes on and so must the creative muse. ¬†I hate wasting a day so even if I’m in pain (which I have been, a lot this weekend) I try to make¬†something.

I’m having a bit of an egg/wings/crowns moment currently, hence the following offerings (again, apologies for crappy photos – they’re blurry and at a weird angle…)…


Wasn’t at all happy with this one but it was glued on and about as good as it was going to get so I gave up…





Was going to collage this one but I actually liked it with just the one bit of paper on it…



My favourite item of the day!


I don’t know how “masculine” this one actually is…



Was a bit concerned about the “new skin” wording…then I figured that new skin and rebirth and all that kinda goes with butterflies and metamorphosis so I let it go…

Now it’s time for dinner and ironing (ugh) and possibly a very hot shower (my back, oh my aching, stupid back!) and ignoring all the boxes of crafting stuff I brought home with me and piled up on the floor. ¬†I had a nice afternoon, let’s not spoilt it with housework and tidying up! ¬†Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend ūüôā