Dear Friend

Another birdy card.  I just like birds, ok?  They add a nice finishing touch and some colour.  And I like that they add direction ie they are usually not square (I find that birds rarely are!) and help to draw the eye in or across, and tie all the elements together.  You know what I mean – don’t make me try to make sense!

Having said that, I struggled with this card.  I added bits, and took bits away, and fiddled around for AGES, trying to get it to look right.  In the end, I gave up and settled for what it had become.  A day later, I don’t mind it now.  I think adding the green square in the upper corner helped to bring all the colours and elements together without having to add another image or word or heavily patterned piece.

Do you have tried-and-true elements or images you like to use in your designs?  I’d love to hear what inspires you and makes your design process easier.

Have a lovely day, dear friends 🙂