Easy Christmas Trees

I am still madly making Christmas cards and am trying to have lots of different ones so there’s a decent selection for me to choose from.  I don’t like everyone to have the exact same card and I get fed up with making the same ones over and over.  But I am running out of time and “oomph” and so I am getting simpler and simpler in my designs.


These cards were inspired by some I saw on the internet, where the artist had used buttons on a stamped image of a tree.  It looked very effective, but I don’t have a tree stamp and I knew I would drive myself nutty trying to find the right buttons and then having to glue the little buggers on to multiple cards.


So, I decided to draw the simple tree shapes and use Liquid Pearls instead of buttons.  It worked a treat.  Even when my drawing went a little bit bodgy and my trees were weirdly deformed or botanically incorrect, it still looked pretty good with the liquid pearls dotted over it (to represent snow or leaves or, um, I don’t know, dots).


Very easy to do and something I could whip up sitting in front of the telly, which is the only space I currently have left (the rest of the house being covered in craft materials, Xmas gifts and wrapping paper).

Thanks for dropping in 🙂


Christmas Wishes (Robin Card)

A quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.
Let’s make a pledge to fill our world with kindness, love, understanding, and empathy this year. We’ve had enough hate, violence and suffering to last us into the next millennium.

I made this quick little Christmas card for my Mum (she loves robins).  I always seem to end up cutting out teeny-weeny bird toes, don’t I?

Best wishes to you all.  Be safe this festive season, and stay close to your loved ones.  Thank you for all your support and comments throughout the year 🙂

Happy Christmas x



How to Measure Christmas

Christmas Day is just around the corner.  I can’t believe how quickly it has come up this year.  I probably say that every year, but this last twelve months has whizzed by, and so much has happened.  It’s been such a strange, disturbing year, with a lot of loss and grief for so many people.  I don’t know about you, but I am praying for a much kinder 2017.

My Mum is currently suffering with a nasty cough/virus and it makes me very anxious.  I can’t bear for her to be ill.  She is always so healthy and I sometimes forget she is a senior now, and small illnesses can be potentially dangerous.  Also, being sick at Christmas sucks!  I know she feels miserable and concerned and also annoyed that she can’t do a lot – she hates neglecting her garden and other chores.  I just worry incessantly, especially as I am not just around the corner but 30 minutes drive away, and I can’t keep a close eye on her.  Luckily, my best friend’s Mum is just around the corner – in fact, she is taking Mum to the doctor’s this morning (I would have done but had no one to cover me at work). Hopefully she will get some antibiotics (even though she hates taking them, she admits she probably needs some this time) and be on the mend soon.  We’re meant to be spending Christmas Eve with my brother and his family, but I don’t know if she will be well enough at this stage 😦

It’s funny how, in the lead up to Christmas, you think about all the things you would like, and hope that Santa obliges.  This year, I just want my Mum to be well, and for us all to have a nice, peaceful, stress-free time together, with no dramas.

This week, I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done in record time.  I have less people to buy for this year, for one reason or another, and it made it much easier.  I made a few gifts too, which meant less spending (always a good thing) and less stress (a very good thing).  I also decided not to do the fancy wrapping I always do, which usually ends up with me stressed out of my brain and wrapping gifts every night until midnight, making sure they all fit a “theme” and all look decorative and pretty.  Not this year.  I used store-bought wrapping paper and did nothing fancier than tying them with string.  I didn’t even use matching tags!  *gasps*  It just made everything so much easier and quicker and reduced my stress by about a million percent.  I am wrapped and done, ahead of time.

Whilst looking for gifts for my Mum, I pretty much followed the list she had given me (an Ian Rankin book, some gardening stuff, a Michael Buble CD, pyjamas) but I always like to get her some other little extras too, so she has some surprises.  I found this set of measuring cups in an op-shop and thought she might like them.  They look vintage (although I suspect they are not) and I liked the little Wintery scene on them, which I thought would also make them ideal for Christmas decorating, if Mum didn’t want to use them as actual measuring cups.  I just thought they were sweet.  And at $5.00 for the three, I wasn’t exactly breaking the bank.

I hope she likes them, and is well enough to enjoy all of her presents.
That’s all I want for Christmas.

Best wishes to you all.  Stay well and take care of each other x



…and a partridge (sans) a pear tree

Last-minute mad card-making and doodling for Sunday’s market stall.  Why I always think I can make things right up to the eleventh hour, I do not know.  It’s craziness.  These are my little partridges sans a pear tree.  They all look different – the front one is probably the best and then it all went south from there (I can never draw the same thing twice – the bird at the back looks like a budgie) but I’m still quite happy with them.  I am remembering to wear my new glasses most of the time, which is helping when I am doing detailed colouring.  I still have to mount these on card blanks and maybe stamp a little sentiment underneath (which is always fraught with danger because I am hopeless at stamping straight!) and package them up.

Hope your day is happy – wish me luck at the market! 🙂


Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos

Every year.  Every FLIPPING year.  I get to Christmas and I am as prepared for it as I would be for a zombie apocalypse.  And, in fact, I am probably MORE prepared for zombies than I am for the festive season.  I always promise myself I am going to be organised and calm and orderly and systematic in my approach.  I will stick to a theme and a budget and know what I am doing AT ALL TIMES.

But, alas, I am a super-dufus every year.  I run out of time for things, forget people on my list, buy way too much stuff and end up in a right tizz.  My lounge room currently looks like the aforementioned zombie infestation has ransacked the place, leaving shopping bags and wrapping paper and bits of cellotape everywhere.  I would love to be like Martha Stewart and have a fabulous “wrapping station”, but in reality I have the floor.  And right now, due to my untidiness, I barely have that.

I want to wrap all my gifts elegantly and with a central colour palate.  They should all look uniform and pretty and delightful.  Instead, the first two get wrapped elegantly and delightfully while the rest get stuck together with packing tape or shoved in a recycled gift bag someone gave me last year.  One year I gave up altogether and used a pillow case to wrap something, like a floral Santa sack.  True story.

Last night I went into panic mode, realising I didn’t have enough handmade cards to give out to people, which meant, horror-of-horrors, that I would have to give out bought ones.  Eek.  I don’t normally do bought ones.  If I can help it.  But every year I seem to be in a state of greeting card meltdown and end up buying whatever crappy box of cards are left in the shops, to give out to people.  Because, if I was smart, I should start making the cards months ahead of schedule.  But I am not smart.

To make matters worse, people at work are finishing up for Christmas at all different times (how rude and confusing!).  So some people are finishing today, others are working until the 24th like me.  Some people are finishing next week, and others are still working over the holidays.  I don’t know who’s doing what and I go into yet another spiral of panic about getting cards and gifts to people.  I feel bad if I miss someone out or if they give me something and I am so unorganised that I haven’t gotten something for them.  I used to make gingerbread cookies every year for everyone.  Packaged them up prettily and gave them out.  But I don’t even get that done any more as my oven is rubbish and I am too unorganised and stressed.  Plus, my kitchen is probably covered in wrapping paper and Lord knows what else so there is no room for baking anyway.  Chaos, as always, reigns supreme.

Last night I sat up late, writing out Christmas cards (the dreaded bought ones) and then decided this morning that I hate them and don’t want to use them.  So now you can add terrible-waster-of-paper to my list of sins. Which means, I will have to pull an all-nighter every day for the next week and make cards.  They will have to be simple and non-fussy.  They will have to be quick to make and unisex.  Several of my friends have birthdays around Christmas so there is also that conundrum.  Do I make birthday cards or do I buy them?  First World problems I know, but still…

I just want everything to be nice.  And I want people to feel that they are important to me and that I make some effort when choosing and packaging their gifts or making their cards.  I know I put too much pressure on myself and worry unnecessarily but it is one of many issues I have, let’s face it. One year I am just going to bloody well buy cards and normal wrapping paper and not worry about it all.  But that year is NOT this year.  There is still time to organise myself and make things look ok.  I can still make cards and tags and my own wrapping paper.  I can probably make 200 gingerbread men if I stay up til 4am and I might as well construct a multi-level, decorated gingerbread house while I’m at it.  Who needs sleep, anyway?

Hope your festive season is going along smoothly and that all your plans are coming to fruition.  If not, you can rest easy, knowing there is someone who will always be less organised and way more frantic than you.  EVERY FLIPPING YEAR.


Warm Wishes

Warm Wishes

A very quick but kinda cute card for today.  I was trying to not be fussy (yet again) and get a card made in less than the normal FOREVER that it takes me.  Seriously, I am so darn slow! I get finicky about matching colours and shades and, well, everything.  But I like how this one turned out.  It has a nice vintage look to it and the little snowman is festive and jolly.  I used Liquid Pearls on the eyes and buttons to add some dimension and edged the papers with distress ink.  That can help to bring a card together and make everything seem to match.

So, warm wishes to you today, wherever you are 🙂


Frosty Branches from Nowhere

Frosty Branches from Nowhere

Last night I stayed up later than I should have finishing off some cards and starting new ones.  My house is a mess yet AGAIN.  I don’t know why I can’t craft neatly, in a tidy and organised manner.  Why do I have to spread out from one corner of the house to the other? I guess that’s just how I roll.  I have tried to be neat but I can’t work like that.  It seems chaos is more natural to me than order.

I made this card last night.  It is an improbable design ie there is no explanation as to why there are frosty branches coming out of a door.  Perhaps it is the wonder of Christmas, making miracles occur… We may never know.  But I think it looks ok and I like the colours.  Plus, I just really wanted to use that door because I’d had it hanging round for ages in my paper stash.  And I love the “branches” paper punch (even if it takes all my strength and weight to punch anything out with it) – it’s so cute.

So, here is my card for today.  Improbable, but finished.
Which is good enough for me 🙂