You are Awesome (Collage)

Hello everyone 🙂

Another little collage I made for a friend’s birthday a few weeks back.  She and I have bonded over shared ailments, social anxiety and lots of other issues that make us feel less than awesome.  We always support and reassure one another, even if it’s just by saying “Oh I know how you feel!”  We started telling each other we’re awesome, kind of as a joke, but it has become our thing to say now.

 I wanted to make a little reminder for my friend that she is an awesome lady, even if I’m not around to tell her that,  so I made this 4″ x 4″collaged box canvas for her desk at work.  The crowned stoat could be symbolic for “fearless” or something, but it’s actually just the first image I pulled out of my collage file.  We’ll pretend it was chosen for its symbolism though, because that sounds better and makes me look smarter.

Hope you are having a great day.  Always remember you ARE awesome 🙂




Beaded Bauble

Every surface in my house is currently buried under a pile of card, paper, bottles of glue, mounting tape, marker pens and ink.  So what would any sensible person do?  Tidy up?  Sort some things into neat piles?  Put everything away before starting something new?  Ha!  I scoff at your suggestions!  I am not sensible in any shape or form, so yesterday I decided to add to the mess by doing some beaded decorations inspired by some I had seen on Kelly Rae Roberts’ Instagram account.  I thought they were really lovely, and easy to do (the hardest part is choosing the beads) and wouldn’t take much time.

I bought some pretty glass baubles last week (they were on sale – bargain!) and chose some beads from my ridiculously large supply at home.  I went with blues, silvers and pearls for this one.  You simply bead a length of jewellery wire (the end looped and crimped through the loop on the bauble) and then loop and crimp the other end so it can be hung from whatever you want to hang it from!

KRR had hers hanging from a chandelier, but you could dangle one of these from a curtain rod (hanging in the window, catching the light) or from your Christmas tree, or decorating the banisters of a staircase.  I’ve seen them hooked on to drawer knobs on a dresser and hanging outside a front door from porch lights.  Lots of options.  They would make a quick and easy gift too.  I’m going to try and get some more finished before I move on to another messy project (might as well cover the entire house is chaos!).

Hope your day is shiny and bright 🙂



Little words make a big difference

Little words make a big difference

I am having a bit of a sad/stressed/upset week.  I’m not going to go into it (I promised myself this blog would no longer be home to my whinging and depressing monologues on love/marriage/pain/illness blah blah blah) – suffice to say I have been feeling quite low, a little panicky and just a tad unsure of my place and value in the world.  It may be hormonal (I’m always hormonal!!!) or the time of year that causes reflection and navel-gazing.  Anyway, I am trying to cheer myself up and look to brighter days and words of kindness.

Just before Christmas, one of our departments at work had a Christmas party that I was also invited to (as the librarian, I tend to deal with all the departments and be involved with them on a daily basis – it has perks ha ha!).  One of the activities for the afternoon was to write “compliments cards”.  Everyone had a paper bag pinned to their backs and were given a stack on index cards.  We all had to write about people in the department and say nice things about them – what we liked about them, how they contributed to the organisation and just what made them special etc.  It was such a nice idea.  I wanted to write something about everyone so I ended up with a rather large stack of cards – well, I didn’t want anyone to be left out…how horrible would that be!?  It would be like going back to school and getting picked last for sport teams…so sad!

When you’d written a card, you popped into the paper bag on the corresponding person’s back and, later, they got to open the bag and read the cards.  I got a nice little stack written for me – such an ego booster!  It’s lovely to be appreciated and validated.  I think it was a nice way to spend an afternoon and I hope everyone else got a kick out of it too and felt good about themselves.


I’m a bit sappy so I love this kind of thing (I keep nice emails, little notes from people, thank you cards, birthday messages etc…hoarding strikes again!).  We don’t often get to tell people how much they are valued and that they make us smile or help us get through tough times.  I’m going to keep my little cards somewhere I can see them, and remind myself that, even on my worse days, I am doing ok and that people appreciate my work and like me for just being me.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that, especially when someone makes you feel less than wonderful.

I think words are so powerful and a kind word can make a person’s day, just as a harsh one can stay with them forever.  
Choose your words wisely and always be kind if you can.  


Vampire-Slayer Kit

Vampire-Slayer Kit

A few years ago, before the whole vampire craze really heated up, I made my hubby-to-be a Vampire Slayer Kit (as you do) for one of our anniversaries.  It was a fun little project to make and I was pleased with how it turned out.  I don’t know if I would have the patience for all the fiddly bits now but at the time it was a labour of love and one that I was happy to undertake.  Hubby loved it (which is the main thing) and it was easy enough to make and complete in a short space of time.

I started off with a little tin (you can find similar ones here on Etsy) and painted it black.  To make the textured surface you mix a little PVA glue with the black paint and adhere some tissue to the surface, “dabbing” with the glue mixture as you go.  Actually, the tissue will stick on with just paint but I find that adding a bit of PVA to it helps create a stronger bond and also makes the ridges firmer when dry.  You need to move and scrunch the tissue as you dab it on, to create little cracks and crannies (so to speak!).  When it is how you like it and you’ve let it dry, you can paint over it again with just the black paint so all areas are evenly covered.  I then rubbed silver buffing creme over the ridges to add definition.



I also glued on a silver (well it’s plastic…shh…don’t tell the vamps!) cross framed by an ornate silver frame.

For the cards inside I used appropriately-sized chipboard trading cards.  I covered one side with a text paper and then decorated the other side with necessary items that every Vampire Hunter should have.


The garlic was actual dried garlic pieces and the “holy water” was a dollop of diamond glaze – it went a little milky but I like to think that after a hundred years or so even holy water would get a bit grotty!  I housed them both in teeny-tiny bottles (I knew they would come in handy some day!) and attached them with twine.  Labels were added too (I used some adhesive mini-typewriter letters and dictionary words I had and tea dyed them).



For the “shovel” I used a miniature garden tool I had left over from some other project.  The nails were, well, nails, and I pinned them through a piece of hessian.  The little stakes were painstakingly (pain-staking-ly…geddit!?) wittled from little sticks and glued to the hessian.




On a couple of the cards I created portraits of Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra – two ladies significant in the Vampire world!





I also included some tea-dyed scrolls with some quotes from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.


Voila!  A Vampire Slayer Kit that is small enough to stash away in your purse or pocket (or be displayed on your mantlepiece like we have done).  Why not make one for yourself or a loved one.  You could change things and make it a Zombie Killer Kit or a Werewolf First Aid Kit  – I’d love to see them if you do make some!


Earrings ahoy!

Earrings ahoy!

A friend of mine recently asked me to make her some earrings.  I wasn’t sure exactly what she’d want other than some basic colour choices (green, blue & purple) so I just went ahead and made a whole bunch so she could choose which ones she liked.  I was happy to do it for her and happy to not charge anything at all for them but she insisted on paying for them and decided she wanted ALL OF THEM!  My bank balance says “Yay!” and does a happy dance.  I’m not a master jeweller or anything – I probably have horrible technique really but they turned out ok and she is pleased with them.  See what you think…

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