Being Yourself

Belated Happy Easter to you all ūüôā¬† Did you indulge in a huge chocolate-fest, or were you restrained and just¬†had a few little treats?¬† Did you spend time with family and friends, or take part in religious events?¬† Whatever you got up to, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a nice break.

I spent a lot of time with family and friends over the weekend, cleaned my house so it was fit for my Mum to visit and stay in for a couple of nights, and did some crafting.¬† I am still loving the Kelly Rae Roberts Unscripted series I have subscribed to.¬† It’s just makes me want to craft and create and DO STUFF.¬† I am nowhere near her standard of creativity and art, but it is very enjoyable just mucking about with paints and paper and having a go.¬† I am still rubbish at faces, but I keep trying and hope that some day I will get them just right!¬† If only people didn’t have eyes!¬† It would make everything so much simpler for me, at least in terms of drawing and painting (maybe not so much in real life though…) and I wouldn’t end up having tantrums, or just drawing a lot of people with closed eyes (which is my default position these days).

I had this little communion plaque (bought on a recent op-shopping trip for 50c) and I thought it would be perfect to paint over and repurpose.¬† It’s quite small – a little bigger than an iPhone – so perfect for me to do some crafting on!¬† Plus it had the little hanger on it so I didn’t need to worry about adding one myself.

I removed the picture that was already on it ( a communion poem and prayer) and sanded the wood back, then slapped on a layer of white Gesso, just to seal and give it a good working surface.  I then added paint in various colours to create a distressed, rubbed back look.  I used a soft green, some burgundy and a little bit of yellow Рjust dabbing and rubbing it on with my fingers.  When I was happy with the effect, I let it dry whilst figuring out what I was going to put on it.

I decided to draw my little lady on a separate piece of paper, paint her main features and then cut her out, to be glued¬†and finished on the plaque itself.¬† I didn’t trust my drawing/painting skills to just add her straight to the wooden surface.¬† I adhered her with gel medium and then added¬†flowers and wings cut from scrapbooking paper and vintage¬†books.¬† The words were cut from old books or stamped (when I couldn’t find the word I wanted!) and I’m not quite satisfied with them, but they’re stuck on there now!¬† I might go over them with a bit of colour, just to make them look less “new” and pale.¬† I outlined here and there with black and white pencils to give some definition.


I was a bit heavy-handed with the lady’s¬†features – I was using a very¬†fine black marker, but it was still too heavy.¬† I will do better next time!¬†I’m happy with her top though – it came out very rustic looking and picks up the red colour in the background – and I’m glad I added the¬†“me” heart as it needed an extra little something.


So, all in all, I was pretty happy with my little lady.¬† I am trying to be myself and be ok with who that is.¬† Even if it means I am not the world’s greatest artist ūüôā¬† I am still trying to find my “niche”, artistically speaking, so this is another part of the journey.¬† I will keep practicing faces and different techniques with paint and drawing and, in the meantime have a lot of messy fun doing it ūüôā


Thanks for stopping by – may you enjoy the freedom of being yourself,
whoever that is, today and always x


Tarting Up Your Drawers

Hello everyone and greetings from a wet and cold Perth.¬† It’s Summer and should be hot, fine, blue skies-a-plenty.¬† But no.¬† We are having a cold, wet spell which is totally bizarre for January in Western Australia.¬† And you know how I hate the cold.¬† So I am feeling a bit miserable.¬† Although, I have to say, my gardens (both at home and at work) will be loving it, as will the poor fire fighters who normally are battling big blazes this time of year.

Over the weekend I was determined not to waste time and faff about, so I did lots of gardening and cleaned the house (a bit – let’s not get crazy) and tarted up my drawers.¬† No, not THOSE drawers (no one sees them but me anyway, ha ha) but my wooden, storage drawers.¬† I have had these for approximately twenty years.¬† I was supposed to paint and decorate them immediately when I bought them.¬† Did that happen?¬† Apparently not, hence my makeover of them this weekend.¬† Hey, you can’t rush these things, right?


So, to start with I painted them with off-white house paint (I had a sample pot lying around, as you do).¬† I only did the sides and top, and the little edges that show at the front.¬† I could lie and tell you I sanded and prepped the wood beforehand, but I’d be fibbing.


While the paint was drying, I selected some pretty scrapbooking papers (that was the longest part of the process Рchoosing papers) and then drew around the individual drawers to get the shape of them, onto the back of the papers.  The bottom drawers was longer so I had to join two strips of paper for this.


Then, I simply glued the paper to the drawers and trimmed off any misaligned bits (ie where I had done some dodgy tracing).  Someone who is less slack than me would then have sanded back the white pint and possibly the edges of the paper to make everything nice and smooth and neat.  But, as this project was just for me, and I just wanted to get it finished, I skipped the extra steps.


The whole thing took me about an hour.¬† And twenty years, but hey, who’s counting?!¬† I’m really pleased with it and it definitely brightens up my craft room.¬† My rubber stamps have a nice, colourful and pretty home now.


I’m going to try and not procrastinate so much this year and just get little projects like this done and dusted.¬† This would actually make a nice gift for someone, and you can easily pick up these type of drawers at IKEA or even in an op-shop (thrift store) for just a few dollars.

Hope you are having a colourful, creative day – thank you for stopping by x



When your Heart Speaks

My heart generally asks for pretty simple things Рcookies and a bit of peace and quiet.  Less stress.  Cheese.  Sleep-ins.  Happiness for my loved ones.  Good friends.
Good health.  Tea.  More Tea.

¬†Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what your heart wants, when the noise of¬†living gets in the way. ¬†You think you want something, but then wonder if it’s just what you’re¬†supposed to want. ¬†If it’s what everyone else wants for you (or for themselves, but vicariously through you). ¬†I still haven’t figured out what I want in life. ¬†I am better at figuring out what I¬†don’t want. ¬†Which is a start I suppose.

Anyway, a simple little card here. ¬†I could have added some more embellishment but I am trying to go for more simplicity in my cards, so they don’t take as long. ¬†And so I don’t spend hours looking for that¬†perfect¬†piece of lace, or a button, or a word or ribbon. ¬†I need to be more cost-effective and efficient with my time, and less like a crazy person who goes to bed dreaming about string and different shades of cream card.

Hope you are getting everything your heart desires today Рor, at least, are on the way to discovering what those desires are.  Thank you for dropping by x



Perfectly You

You are so perfectly YOU! ¬†You are! ¬†As Dr Seuss once wrote¬†“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!” ¬†

It’s hard to remember that sometimes – that you are YOU and you’re not supposed to be anyone else, or even try to be. ¬†Because you were put on the Earth to be the best YOU you can be, not to try and be almost as good as someone else. ¬†This is what I try to tell myself. ¬†I fail, regularly, to believe it, but every day is a chance to start again (just like diets – they always begin tomorrow – it’s a known fact!) and just be YOU.

I made this little card with that sentiment in mind. ¬†This little lady doesn’t care tthat she’s a bit rounded in some places, or that she has knobbly knees. ¬†She doesn’t even mind that she doesn’t have arms! ¬†She still thinks she’s a princess and a pretty damn awesome one at that. ¬†She’s got the crown to prove – they don’t give them out to just anyone, you know.

Hope you are feeling good about yourself today – you’re exactly as you’re supposed to be and, if not, you’re heading in¬†the right direction, bit by bit. ¬†I know it. ¬†Trust me, I’m a doctor. ¬†Ok, I’m not really but I’ve watched ER lots of times so I know stuff ūüôā

Thank you for dropping by and reading my silliness x




Crazy Amazing Friend

Finally, after many months of doing not-much-at-all (craft-wise), I made some cards this weekend.¬† My craft studio is now a total mess, but that’s ok.¬† I am not going to beat myself up about it because the whole point of having an area dedicated to art is that it can be as messy as I need it to be and not impact on the rest of the house.¬† I have been very good and haven’t taken my crafty supplies downstairs into the lounge room (my usual habit – watching TV and making things at the same time).¬† I’ve left the mess upstairs.¬† And it’s been great.¬† I sit up there for hours and time passes happily but very quickly.¬† I have a big cup of tea and avoid the fridge (my other habit – eating too much).

Anyway, despite a nasty headache and some eye problems, I made a few cards I am¬†pleased with.¬† Was kinda hard to get back into the swing of things but once I got going, it was happy days ūüôā¬† I’ve missed it.

So, to start, here is one of the cards I completed.¬† After I took this photo I actually added some string to her little sign – so it doesn’t look like it’s just stuck there¬†on her front.¬† She’s wearing it around her neck instead). ¬†I¬† like her – she’s a bit wacky.¬† The arms/hands made me laugh and just look at her jazzy shoes and stockings!¬†¬† I made her up of all different bits and pieces – vintage paper dolls, gift wrap and even a chopped-up doily.¬† Anyway, I was happy with her – so nice when that happens!¬† I’m easily discouraged, so it’s really a relief when I create something I am satisfied with.

I have been invited to participate in a Christmas Craft Market in December so I am now madly getting stock¬†together. I am seriously low on¬†everything and I don’t want to have a table with nothing on it! I don’t have a lot of time and pesky work gets in the way.¬† I am trying to utilise my evenings better and not waste the hours just watching TV or faffing about.¬† Now the weather is a bit warmer, I can sit comfortably somewhere other than right on top of the heater, and get stuff done.

Hope your day is happy and creative x



Blogging Challenge – Day Nine : What’s in My Bag?


My bag (or, rather,¬†bags –¬†I have too many of them) generally contains more than it should. ¬†I am a hoarder in all areas of my life, why should the contents of my handbag be any different? ¬†I am terrible at clearing it out regularly and it usually has about six months’ worth of receipts in it. ¬†Also,¬†about eight hundred tissues – used or not, who can tell? – and at least three pens, possibly leaking or not working at all.

So, today’s bag-hoard contains :

  1. A Pair of tongs Р This is because I cannot reach those stupid ticket machine thingies in the car parks (when you have to lean out your window).  Whose arms are that long?  Certainly not mine.  I usually end up putting my neck out.  So, I have tongs.  I will take them out of the bag and just leave them in the car today though.  Promise.
  2. Concert ticket – A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of my house-buying anxiety, I went to a concert with my cousin. ¬†I had been looking forward to it for months but was so not in the mood to go that night. ¬†In fact, an hour before hand, I was having a major meltdown and crying so hard I gave myself a massive nose bleed. ¬†Over-dramatic much? ¬†Anyway, the concert was AWESOME!!! ¬†It was called “Totally 80s” and featured lots of one-hit wonders and some more successful musical acts of the 80s. ¬†Wa Wa Nee, Martika, Berlin, Real Life, Men Without Hats and Paul Lekakis. ¬†It was great. ¬†They were all SO GOOD and sounded amazing. ¬†It was a nice distraction for me and, predictably, I have held on to my ticket. ¬†But it is going in the bin today. Really and truly. Pinky swear.
  3. Purse РWell, obviously my purse is gonna be in there.  It contains no money but does have lots of receipts and a tonne of other crap in it.
  4. House-buying documents and whatnot РI am currently carrying all my documents and forms and everything to do with my new house around with me like a pack horse.  I am paranoid something dramatic will happen and I will need the information immediately.  This is unlikely now, with settlement a week away.  But I am not very smart and apparently like to lug stuff around.
  5. Gloves – I feel the cold. ¬†We all know this. ¬†I have a pair of black knitted gloves that have skeleton bones printed on them. ¬†They are children’s gloves. ¬†I have tiny hands.
  6. Bandaids Рmy dermatillomania is kicking my butt at the moment so I am trying to keep it under control by keeping my fingers covered.  I keep bandaids on hand at all times.  I buy bazillions of them.
  7. Numerous set of keys – I have house keys, car keys, my Mum’s house keys, ¬†friends’ house keys, lots of keys to work etc. ¬†Basically I jangle when I walk.
  8. Phone – The dreaded mobile phone. ¬†I am not one of those people who is constantly on their phone. ¬†I forget to even look at it half the time and mostly use it as a clock. ¬†I HATE talking on my mobile and I never answer it when I am driving. ¬†Don’t text and drive, people! ¬†I actually bought a new iPhone about 6 months ago. ¬†I haven’t switched over to it yet (because I am a chronic procrastinator) and am still using my extremely ancient iPhone that has multiple issues. ¬†Basically, it is dying, poor lamb.
  9. Teabags – Um, yes, I carry teabags around with me. ¬†Mostly green tea and lemon ones. ¬†Just in case I go somewhere – to someone’s house for instance – and they don’t have any tea. ¬†Who would such a person be and why I would be friends with them, I do not know, but it’s just in case.
  10. Lip balm РI have a lippy in every bag I own.  Cruelty-free ones of course.  If they smell nice and taste a bit like fruit/chocolate/cookies, even better.

That’s pretty much it, except for the usual “lady” products and scraps of paper and general junk. ¬†I should probably clean it out. ¬†Today even. ¬†Or tomorrow. ¬†Or in three week’s time when I move. ¬†That seems like a good idea. ¬†Then I will have a new set of keys to put in it!



Cherish (and Quote for the Day)

Another very simple card which took no time at all to complete (which is nice, for a change –¬†I really must try and not be so¬†slow!).¬† Some vintage text, an old postcard image and a lovely lass – nothing too difficult or complicated.¬† I added some dimension to the lady’s head band with Diamond Glaze, just to make it stand out a bit more and add some interest.¬† All edges were inked with “Vintage Photo” Distress Ink to add continuity and¬†overall sense of harmony (in terms of the colours all looking as though they “go” together). It’s a good technique for when you maybe have some papers that don’t strictly work together – try inking them up a bit to help tie them together tonally.

To finish, a¬†little quote to go with today’s post, from one of my favourite books (and authors) :

‚ÄúIf you cherish something enough”, she told me, “it doesn’t matter how old or worn or useless it’s become; your caring for it immediately raises its value in somebody else’s eyes. It’s just like rehab- a body’s got to believe in their own worth before anybody can start fixing them, but most people need someone to believe in them before they can start believing in themselves.‚ÄĚ

— Charles de Lint : Waifs and Strays