Pastel Fun

Just a quickie post….A very, very simple and quick card today.  Pastel, pretty and simple.  I need to use up all my pastels and brights – I have so much paper and stuff!  I’m terrible at throwing things away so I have to try and use them up instead.  This card is a start, I suppose.

Hope you’re having fun today 🙂


Bright Lights…

Bright Lights…

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  Actually, it does – I’m a miserable bugger – but small things do mean a lot to me.  One thing I think makes everything better, without fail, is fairy lights.  It is fair to say I would put them on everything if I could.  They’re twinkly and pretty – what’s not to love?

This weekend, when I was supposed to be cleaning up for rent inspection, I took some time out to add some fairy lights to my bathroom mirror.  As you do.  I had picked up these lights in the pre-Christmas sales and they were super cheap.  I don’t have a big Christmas tree or anywhere else really suitable for a large string of lights (I had considered over my bed head, but had visions of me entangled in them while I slept so put that idea on the back burner), plus these were plug-in ones, not battery operated, so they needed to be near a power source.  I also got some little adhesive hooks to attach the lights to.  I am fully expecting these to fall off in the near future, but we’ll wait and see…

So, an hour and a half later and a few scary minutes teetering on a chair in the bathroom, I had a lovely, sparkly and bright extravaganza around my mirror.  So pretty.  Makes me almost believe I am pretty and sparkly and bright too.  Well, let’s not get carried away…there’s only so much good lighting can do, after all!  But they’re fun and make my bathroom seem a little less pedestrian and unisex.  The only annoying thing is the settings keep resetting themselves each time I turn the lights off.  So I have to re-do the setting each time – otherwise I get an epileptic-fit-inducing strobe effect happening.  I just want them on static – no flickering or strobing, thank you.  This is not a disco.

Anyway, finally a project I completed and am happy with.  I am trying to get around to doing these little things around the house, instead of sitting on the idea for years, until I no longer want to do it.  For a mere $7.50 and a little bit of time and effort, I have prettied up my bathroom and made it look like I give a damn.  Next up – painting my coffee table and doll house!  Stay tuned!  (you might have to get comfortable…) 🙂





Quick and Cute

Quick and Cute

Spent the afternoon making some cute little cards.  I wanted to make some super quick and easily – these fit the bill.  I used the Yuki range of papers (actually, just the one sheet was used for most of the “frame” cards – the “Hall of Frame” sheet) from Prima Marketing and the Kokeshi range, designed by Samantha Walker from Creative Imaginations (who have now changed their name to “Splash of Colour” by the time I post this, just to confuse you!).  The “Hall of Frame” sheet I actually got for Christmas (thanks, Mum!) and loved the sweet little cartoony girls and the intricate frames.  I like a bit of fussy-cutting so didn’t mind cutting the frames out by hand, but apparently you can get pre-cut chipboard ones from Prima here.  The purple/white polka dot side of the sheet was gorgeous but I didn’t like to waste the front of the sheet so I only used a tiny bit on a couple of the cards (and then bought myself another sheet…) and then used other co-ordinating papers and stamps from my own stash.
















I kept the cards simple with only a bit of embellishment here and there.  I didn’t feel like mucking about with edging or distressing or anything (it’s too darn hot!). I just bought myself a bottle of Liquid Pearls today and boy, why didn’t I have this stuff before?!  It looks awesome and it easier and less fiddly than using adhesive pearls or jewels.  Nice!


So I am happy to have made some cards today after the less-than-creative-or-happy week I had last week.  Now it’s the start of the working week and I won’t have any time to make any more for days (gasp!) and that makes me sad 😦    But such is life.  No workies, no monies for buying paper-craft stuff!