Le Chop

So, I finally got my hair chopped off.  It usually takes me FOREVER to decide to do it and then I procrastinate because I hate spending the money, and there never seems to be any free time to get it done.  My hair really needed a trim though.  It was ratty and dry and I was starting to resemble something the proverbial cat had dragged in (through a hedge, backwards).  I present you with Exhibit A :

Channelling Caveman Chic


…and most days I woke up like this : (Exhibit B)

There is no paper bag big enough to cover this up…

So, I got it all cut off.  Well, about 5 inches anyway.FullSizeRender

Haircut 101 : Bobbed and Bouncy

I’m going to try and keep it short for a while and not just be slack and let it all grow back.  That is what I normally do.  I am starting to be aware of the fact that I am getting older and don’t want to be one of those women who keeps the same hairstyle for 50 years and ends up on a talk show having a makeover.  Although the makeover bit would be pretty awesome, I just don’t really want to be one of those people. You know the ones I mean.

I need to dye my hair as the ghost of grey hair past is starting to show through again.  Which sucks but is inevitable.  At least I have less hair to dye now and will be able to get it done quicker and with minimal swearing (and dye all over the place).

How do you prefer your hair?  Short or long, straight or wavy?  I am lucky, I suppose, in that my hair is very thick and strong and wavy.  But it does drive me nuts, because I am rubbish at doing anything with it.  I have no skills in this department.  Having it this shorter length means I have to be less lazy and not just tie it back but, by the same token, it is quicker to wash, looks ok if I just let it dry and do it’s own thing, and is definitely healthier.  Now that the weather is getting cooler (woe is me), I have less need to tie it back anyway, and shorter-messy is better than longer-messy.  I went to the beach on Monday night and even after being blown to bits by the wind, my hair looked ok.  Windswept, rather than tornado-whipped, which is how it would normally respond.

Thanks for dropping by – may all your days be good hair days 🙂  And if you have any tips for  “doing” your hair when you are completely useless at it, let me know.


Fringe Benefits

So I got my hair cut today.  Bravely, I might add, because I hate going to the hairdresser.  I never know what to ask for, and having to sit and look at myself for an hour is not fun for me.  But I knew I needed to get at least the ends cut today because they were getting a bit ratty.  I decided to also get a fringe.  I took some pictures of Alexa Chung with me because I like her hair.  Do I now look like a 20-something super model?  No, sadly not.  But I think I like it anyway.  Just gotta work out how to style it myself (this is not my forte) and get used to having hair in my face again.

The hairdresser blow-dried it kinda funny at the bottom so it is doing a weird,curly, kinky thing, but it will settle I guess (and then it will go back to just being my normal, boofy, uncontrollable hair).  Anyway, it’s done now – can’t glue it back on.  It’s a fresh look for my birthday next week anyway.  I didn’t want to turn another year older with the same hair I’ve had for nearly 10 years.  And I am trying to be braver this year.  Even small little changes are scary to me, so getting my hair cut is actually a fairly big step (dumb, I know). Because I never trust my own judgement about anything.  But hair grows back, right?  So it’s less scary than, say, getting a tattoo or moving to another country.

It is going to be VERY hot this week and so getting a fringe was probably not the best idea but, let’s be honest, good ideas are not really my thing.  I can always pin it back or wear a hair band or something.  Or shave it – there’s always that option 🙂