Noooooooooo! I’m not allowed to get sick!!!

Noooooooooo! I’m not allowed to get sick!!!

Ugh.  I think I am getting a cold.  I hardly ever get them and, when I do, I am quite pathetic.  Sniffly and moany and pathetic.  I think I hate the time they waste.  When you’re sick you can’t do anything constructive and you just want to curl up in a ball and die, loudly with lots of complaining and coughing.  Right now I feel a bit hot in the face and my throat is dry and scratchy.  I have loaded myself up with Vitamin C, Garlic and Horseradish.  I hate bought throat lozenges and will be making myself soup for dinner (capsicum with added horseradish and ginger and garlic – it is possible no one will want to come near me for a few days).  I am drinking lemon and ginger tea and am about to pour a jar of honey down my throat.  Ugh.  I think I am even more pathetic now I am on my own – not that hubby was particularly good at playing nursey but it is always better to have someone around to fetch you tissues and get you hot water bottles and look sympathetic.

However, I shall try not to give in to the lurgy.  I have one more day of my short holiday left and I do not want to waste it.  I have had a few nice days of crafting with my Mum and I don’t want to stop now that I am back home again.  Today we went to a big craft show at the show grounds and had a great time – but I will update you on that next post.  The days before were spent collaging and playing with clay at my Mum’s.  We had been wanting to make some clay ornaments and beads for some time and decided this would be the week we made a commitment to do so.  We soon learned we are lacking in sculpting skills and probably had visions of elaborate finished pieces that were way beyond our actual abilities.  Never mind, we had fun and made a mess which is the important bit 🙂

I made a few round beads that I want to paint once they are dry.  I also made some pendants (again, faces) and a brooch and a little “L.O.V.E” statue that I think is kinda cute.  They all need to be sanded a bit and/or painted and varnished.  Fun!  Time-consuming!  Messy!  But definitely fun.


Little L.O.V.E statue.  (you can’t see the word very clearly here but it is near the bottom.
Speaking of bottoms, she has one.  A butt that is!..but you can’t see that either here)


“Goddess” brooch


“Face” beads and pendant…

Now I have to unpack all my bags (I’ve been staying at Mum’s and I always overpack) and find my house under all the rubble.  I want to be ready to get up early tomorrow, possibly go for a walk if I can get motivated enough and then do a solid day’s crafting as I won’t get to do any for a while due to pesky work commitments (so inconvenient this work business!).  I also plan on eating the fudge I bought at the craft show in a moment of weakness.  I want to get back onto my healthy eating so will have to consume the fudge quickly so as not to ruin my healthy week.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  Fudge is good for sore throats, right?

Hope you are having a great weekend, free from lurgies and full of fun and fabulousness! 🙂

Not-long-enough Weekend

Not-long-enough Weekend

Well, it is late Monday afternoon on a long weekend.  I think they should call them “longish” weekends…they never seem to go any less quickly than regular weekends and I am still wishing I had gotten more done.  I did make an effort to be sociable this weekend and actually hang out with people other than my Mum.  I went to my best friend’s on Saturday evening for a catch-up, saw another friend yesterday for brunch (she gave me a belated birthday gift – a voucher to an AWESOME bead shop that I haven’t been to yet.  Can’t wait to go!) , my other good friend this morning for a walk and late breakfast and my brother came over this afternoon with his partner and their four munchkins (whom I adore but my little house is not really very kid-friendly, in that it is small and probably boring when all I have is Jenga to play and maybe some colouring-in stuff if they’re lucky).  So I did see actually people this weekend and did not hole up like a hermit (which is my usual M.O.).

I did get some things made.  My friend K came over last week and bought a whole bunch of jewellery from me and then ordered a whole bunch more.  I think I am not her partner’s favourite person because money keeps tending to waft over in my direction which isn’t good when they’re supposed to be saving for their next holiday.  However, K and I have come to an agreement that I have to complete this latest order for her and then we will most likely have a break.  I need to make things for my upcoming market (still now sure when it will be or where) and she needs to not spend a large proportion of her pay packet on things I have made for her on her request. But she is awesome and makes me laugh so I don’t begrudge her (or her money ha ha) in the slightest.

I finally finished off one of her sea-shell necklaces.  This thing has been bugging me for weeks.  The shell refuses to hang straight.  I guess when Mother Nature creates these things she is not making “must hang straight so pendants can be fashioned” a priority over “must make a nice house for sea-dwelling creatures”.  Which is fair enough.  However, after much cursing and several attempts, I managed to finish it and get it to hang somewhat satisfactorily.  That’s a bit of a lie – I’m still not happy with it but it is the best I can do with my limited skills!  K wanted this large shell (I think she found it in Bali or somewhere like that…) to have some bright reds and ethnic tones to complement it.  I did the best I could…


She had also picked out some pretty blue and white beads from my stash and wanted something with a sort-of-Mexican feel:


Next up, a fairly simple necklace with some other beads she picked out.  I’m not sure about this one…I might re-jig it.  I’m not happy with it and it doesn’t “sit” right with me when I’m not happy with something!


Next was a bright turquoise and red number which turned out ok.  K had picked the beads and I just added a few extra ones to complete it.
Red and turquoise ALWAYS works (thank goodness):


After that, I quickly put a few other pieces together before the light got too bad and I got too tired and over it.  I’m trying to work on a few bolder pieces here and there, just to try and cater for people who like things bright and chunky, not dainty or delicate.  I really like the square, ceramic beads on the next necklace – they give a different look to the usual round or oval ones;


Then I made this one using a large howlite red bead that I had been saving and not using (which is dumb and I do it a lot – just use it already!):


Some pretty silver and polished magnet earrings (these don’t fit in the colourful and bold category…).


I made lots more cabochon hair clips today too – they are good sellers and handy for last minute gifts etc…


Another batch of rings made from panels from a broken bracelet.  I look out for the bracelets in op-shops all the time now – they made great pendants and rings, even earrings.





I also made these funny little earrings.  Red and black are pretty popular colours and these are actually quite heavy, good quality ceramic beads.


Last and definitely, in this case, least are these earrings.  Possibly the world’s ugliest pair.  Chocolate brown and gold – hmmmm, not exactly a winning combination but I am trying really hard to not just make things that appeal to me.  I’ve been wrong in the past with things I’ve thought were so ugly but someone else loved them – you just can’t tell.  Anyway, you have to allow for people with bad eyesight or strange fashion sense ha ha!


So, that’s me done for the weekend.  I have nothing else planned now except for some ironing and rustling up some dinner.  At the moment I am living on steamed veggies and a little grated cheese on top.  I’m just not in the mood to cook much for myself and at least with steamed veg I am getting SOME nutrients and not living on cereal or toast.  Which I could do very easily.  Trust me.

Hope your weekend has been productive or restful (whichever you prefer) and that your week ahead will be fabulous!

All the best x


Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies!  There are a few things going on in our country at the moment that make it somewhat hard to be enthusiastic about celebrating our nation (dodgy human rights “issues”, culling sharks, dreadful live export trade etc) so I won’t make a big deal about it except to say I love my country with all its faults.  I love the weather (despite it being blisteringly hot at the moment), the beaches, the wildlife, the laid-back attitude and the blue, blue skies.  No country is perfect – ours has its issues as much as any other nation – but all in all, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  Doesn’t mean I don’t shake my head in disbelief and shame at some of the decisions and policies made by the people in power, but I still love my country overall (even if I am a little embarrassed by it sometimes).


That bit of patriotism over and done with, let us move on to topics far more interesting – crafting and op-shopping! Went op-shopping with my Mum yesterday morning and bought a few bracelets and necklaces full of lovely, lovely beads.  I hit the jackpot with a couple of large pieces that had LOADS of beads on them, enough to make quite a few things with, and in the colours I needed too (except for yellow – why oh why can I not get any yellow beads anywhere???):

Look at this amazing layered bracelet/cuff!  Only $2.00!  Such a bargain and the beautiful greens are such nice shades in a variety of styles and sizes…


These wooden ones were also a great buy.  A nice earthy red colour – I will get plenty of use out of these little guys (not sure what I will do with the large “bits” but I will hang on to them anyway)…


I am always on the lookout for turquoise of any description. These ones came from a big and bold chunky necklace.  They are resin I believe and not really a proper turquoise shade but still useable.  They look a bit like cartoonish volcanic rocks to me!…


This purple/mauve necklace had lots of nice beads on it too, mostly glass – which I prefer – and with lovely detailing (love the little dimpled beads).  Purple is a popular colour and I can never have enough in my stash…


I also picked up this strange item.  I think it might a charm from a handbag (?) but I couldn’t be sure.  The sales lady didn’t know either so she priced it as a bracelet ($2).  I thought I could get a lot of use out of the silver findings on it and even the black cord will be handy.  It didn’t look as though it had been “worn” or used at all.


I also picked up a tiny bracelet made out of these cute little coral-coloured cube beads.


So, what have I been making?  More jewellery…I am just not in the mood for anything else at the moment and kinda have to go where the money is (i.e. I am selling the jewellery and it is helping me financially quite a bit).  I sell a lot of cards too but they take such a long time to make and I am just too hot (and lazy) at the moment.  Apologies if you come here looking to see what new cards I’ve made…just isn’t happening at the moment!

Anyway, here are a few pieces that I made in the last couple of days – the first lot being very bright and colourful!  Love these colours together – very fiesta-inspired!


These earrings are very Day-of-the-Dead inspired…


These pretty glass earrings were made from a vintage necklace I bought a few weeks back in a 2nd hand store.


This silver and turquoise pair will be popular with the ethnic/boho crowd…


This ring is the finished product from the bracelet panels I featured in this post  It worked so well with the filagree ring blank I had..


I made this silly little ring using a broken bead…it reminds me of a boiled sweet!


I really like these earrings, mainly because of the gorgeous ceramic red beads – such a nice colour…


This dainty pair is also nice – the silver and red works really well…


I have lots of orders to complete and am currently procrastinating…it’s so hot and I’m tired (unfortunately my anaemia is kicking my butt at the moment and I have to have an iron infusion in the next week or so…).  Was supposed to be at a fireworks party tonight but have piked.  Anxiety playing up a bit currently and I am having to force myself to leave the house and socialise.  Just wasn’t up to a party tonight.  As a result, I am schlepping about at home in my PJs and am trying to get my house tidy (or, I would be if I wasn’t procrastinating about that too…).

I did actually go to a party yesterday – my nephew’s 5th birthday party.  He had a Superhero theme so lots of little Supermen, Spidermen, Ninja Turtles etc running around.  The kids were awesome – not a brat amongst them.  My sister-in-law did an AMAZING job of preparing food and making decorations in a superhero them.  Check out the “Kryptonite Krispies”:


We also had an hilarious half hour when the kids were trying in vain to break the super-pinata – it was pretty strong.  It took older brother (Master 7) to give it the final bash which sent all the treats inside flying.  I actually helped make the piñata – I babysat my nephews and nieces last weekend and Miss 3 1/2 and Master 5 spent a good part of the afternoon putting the initial layers of paper macho onto a balloon – their concentration and dedication to the task at hand made me smile.  The final result (finished by their Super Mum) was pretty cool and very, very robust!


Unfortunately, towards the late afternoon, my Mum became very ill and I had to take her home quickly.  Seems like she got over-heated.  I was pretty worried for a while there as she looked dreadful and was so sick.  But she is better today – just recovering and taking it easy.  It was so very hot and humid yesterday and easy for people to get heat stroke and dehydration, despite the fact she had been drinking plenty.  I sometimes forget that she is a “senior” now – I need to keep an eye on her more (even though she would laugh at that and tell me to get a life ha ha).

Well, this house will not clean itself and I should probably eat some lunch and bring in my laundry…or not.  I could just sit and play with beads.  That sounds much nicer 🙂

Livin’ for the Weekend…

Livin’ for the Weekend…

Ah, the weekend… Never was there a sweeter word (unless of course you work on the weekend and hate your job).  I currently live for the weekends.  There I can sleep in (unless I’m going out for breakfast of course…even I will get up early for that one) and potter about, wear my daggy clothes and no makeup and basically be a bum.  This weekend has already been quite busy, doctor’s appointments, catching up with friends and hanging out with my Mum.  Right now I should be cleaning my filth-pit of a house.  But I’m not.  Obviously.  Because I am writing this entry.  I’m thinking about cleaning and feeling really guilty about it though.  Honest!

This week I have been using every spare second to make things for my upcoming mini-market (have decided not to call it a craft sale – that sounds daggy and twee).  A few nights this week I have stayed up well past my bed-time finishing off earrings and other jewellery items.  I’ve been up late glazing collage pendants and cutting out jewellery cards.  I’ve been making a mess basically.  I’m going to tidy up tonight and get cracking on some Christmas cards because I don’t have many ready for sale and I know a lot of people will be expecting those on the day.

It’s a lovely day outside; sunny and blue sky, light breeze and white fluffy clouds.  Gorgeous weather.  But I have no time to sit around gazing at the sky and being all relaxed and chilled.  I have STUFF to make and ideas to formulate and, um, a messy house to clean.

Which I will do.  In a minute.  Might need a cup of tea first and some reading time.  Craft magazines of course, for research.  I am dying to use my package of paper clay but don’t want to open it until I know exactly what I’m doing with it.  I want to make some birdies and maybe some brooches… I can see these Christmas cards are not going to get made any time soon.

So, here’s a sneak peak at some of the items I have made this week.  I’ve branched out a little bit and made some things using “boho” gold.  I don’t wear gold and don’t like it, but I know a lot of people do, so I’ve had to compromise a bit and use the next best thing which is boho gold – a sort of tarnished-looking, not so gaudy gold.  Lots of silver and turquoise (I have a few friends coming that I know are into the boho/ethnic/aztec look…) and bling:

ImageVery simple, but quite elegant silver heart earrings.  I’d wear these…if I had my ears pierced (must get that done again!)…


Just bought these glass beads – I think they work well with the boho-gold…


Butterfly pendant – no bubbles in the glaze!  Hooray!


Dainty little turquoise earrings.  Cute but colourful…


Blown-glass hearts – such a pretty pale green…

ImageMore boho gold…I’m getting used to it…


More turquoise – this time showing off my new backing cards – I was pleased with the cards, they work really well with all the different earrings and were easy to make (using Kaisercraft papers)…


Blingy bracelet – kinda reminds me of Christmas with its little stars and bells… The bells were actually off a vintage bracelet I took apart to make things with…


“Time for Tea?” earrings…


“Travel” necklace – I was pleased with how this turned out and the colours together work (I think)…I’d had those charms for ages and couldn’t find a use for them but paired with some bright beads, I think they’re pretty funky…

I’ve made LOADS more stuff but don’t want to bore you with it all at once.  Lots more to make and I am freaking out that I only have about 5 weeks until my market day.  I want to have plenty of things on display so it looks great when people walk in.  I’ll have to make the most of every day, even when it’s only a few hours after work.  Oh well, housework will have to wait.  What a shame 🙂


A brighter day…

First of all, apologies for yesterday’s little doom-and-gloom entry.  I have tried not to bring my personal issues into the blog, mainly because I wanted a space where my propensity for feeling sorry for myself couldn’t rear its ugly head.  I also don’t want to turn people off or bore them or make anyone think that I think my problems are bigger than anyone else’s.  I don’t.  I really don’t.  But I guess if it were that simple, no one would ever feel sad, or lonely or down-in-the-dumps.  Anyway, I’m sorry.  I’m still sad and feeling very low but I’m going to try and ignore it and pretend that the world is all sunshine and lollipops.  Which would be awesome because today is freezing and I could do with some warmth and sugar 🙂

When I got up this morning, I saw all the things I had created yesterday.  None of them were masterpieces but at least I had been creative and constructive and not wasted the day.  I think I ended up making about 10 sets of decorated bobby pins, a brooch, a pendant and about 10 rings.  Not bad.  And, not a bubble in any of them (I think I am getting better at using dimensional medium just by sheer determination and the amount of time put into them – eventually I had to get better at it, right?).  I wanted to get some cards done too but didn’t get round to it – next weekend maybe.

On Saturday I bought a couple of rings that were on sale for about $3.00, with the idea that I could alter them.  So here they are – before and after (and excuse the pegs…they were there for positioning!):




They’re way too big for me to wear – I have dinky little fingers and hands – but I will add them to my sale stock.  I wanted to keep them fairly simple, but if I find some more of them I might do a bit more detail on them with some collaging etc.

I made a tonne of flower rings – I just ordered and received a lovely parcel of colourful cabochons in all colours and shapes and so I made a bundle of rings and bobby pins in no time.  They’re a good thing to make when your brain is in a bit of a funk and you just want something simple that doesn’t take too much energy or creative input!  I’m hoping the glue holds – I’m always a bit wary of some of the stronger glues (carcinogenic and all that not to mention the fumes and the danger that I may glue my fingers together!) so I use less toxic ones and sometimes fear they may not be as strong.  I “burr” the bottoms of the cabochons to give them a bit of key – something for the glue to adhere to.  Rather than just a shiny, smooth bottom.  While cellulite on our bottoms is a bad thing, I think you need a bit of roughness and an uneven surface when glueing! 🙂







I used some map paper to make this crucifix pendant and brooch:



I really want to make some different things – I’m in a bit of a rut so I need to have a creative purge and try some new things.  I have a bit of a hankering to do some cross-stitch.  I don’t know why.  I used to do it all the time but I guess I got bored with it and it just didn’t “do it” for me any more.  I think the cold weather makes sewing of any kind seem appealing.  Anyway, I’m determined to get my craft on and make some things that make me feel happy and creatively worthy.  If it happens to be sewing, be prepared for some swearing and a few tantrums (I’m rubbish at sewing).

So, it’s Monday again and time to settle in for the week ahead.  I’m so darn tired and sick of the cold weather but we’ve been lucky to have some gorgeous sunny days (chilly, but sunny) and so I can’t really complain.  I have a brand new window in my library space now so I can see the world outside as I sit at my desk – I’m no longer in a dark little box.  Well, my head is a dark little box at times but that’s no reason for me to work in one as well!

Thank you to everyone who posted comments of support and sent good thoughts my way.  I appreciate your kindness (and also that you’re still following me and taking the time to read my posts – even when I’m in a bad mood!).

I hope your week has gotten off to a bright start and that the coming week will bring you love and laughter, blessings and lots of little happy moments.  🙂

Pendants and a new musical hobby (maybe).

Pendants and a new musical hobby (maybe).






A sunny (but cold) day in Perth today.  I slept in (whoops) despite being determined to get my craft on today and not waste time and ended up not getting much done at all.  I did make two basic pendants though – they’re nothing fancy but they’re quite sweet and make me wish for Spring (which in turn leads to lovely, lovely Summer, my favourite season).  Hubby had some friends over for a day of board games which meant I didn’t have the big table to use.  I had to make do with my little tiny desk which would have more room on it if I wasn’t such a slob ha ha.  Anyway, here’s the pendants….

What is it about birds and crowns with me?





This one is a different colour scheme for me – cleaner and less shabby than I would normally do.  I like the pale green though.

My other new “thing” this weekend is my new baby…..


Meet “Bluebell”, my new ukelele!

Yes, I bought a ukelele.  Can I play one?  No.  Can I play any musical instrument?  No.  Am I going to let that stop me?  No!  I have tried learning guitar but because of my troublesome fingers, I find it very hard to get all the chords right – I can’t make my fingers do what I want them to do.  The size of the guitar makes it harder for me to control what my hand is doing.  So I figured I would give the old “uke” a try.  She’s cute right?  I’m gonna give it a go but promise to spare you all from my musical stylings….

That’s all for today.  Hope your weekend has been bright and beautiful 🙂