Kings Park 2

Kings Park 2

More pics from our visit to Kings Park.  All the yellows and golds  this time.


I think this is a Vertichordia.  But don’t quote me on that. 


Banksia.  Fairly sure it is an Ashby’s Banksia…



A Eucalypt.  Of some kind.  I don’t know *looks sheepish*


A Yellow Powder Puff Plant.  Ok, I am making that up. 


Hoorah!  A Wattle.  I know this one *pats herself on the back*  I believe it is a Hedge Wattle. 


Another Banskia.  A prostrate form.  Not “prostate” like my Mum would say.  It doesn’t have to have uncomfortable proctological examinations at the doctor.

So, there you are.  Just a few of the lovely native plants on display at Kings Park Botanic Gardens.  Beautiful at any time of year but even more stunning in Spring.  Nature is a clever clogs 🙂

Kings Park – Everlastings

Kings Park – Everlastings

It is Wildflower Season here in Western Australia and there are some gorgeous blooms popping up everywhere.  On a recent outing to the Botanic Gardens at Kings Park, with our visitor from the UK, we were treated to carpets of glorious Everlasting flowers in every shade of pink, yellow and orange. They are just beautiful, epitomising Spring and all its joyful, sunshiney goodness.  They are such happy flowers, with their papery petals and luscious hues.  Just look at the colours here – a small sample of the beauties on display:


Pretty princess pink!


The bees love them too 🙂


Like a fiery sunset!


This one reminds me of Coconut Ice…


More pinks…


Love this little bee.  Look at him!  So greedy!  Look at all that pollen he’s collected!  He certainly is the bee’s knees! 🙂

We saw so many beautiful flowers and plants on this chilly, but sunny, Spring day.  More pics to follow in upcoming posts.  I really must get some crafting done but I haven’t been in the mood, plus I have barely been spending any time at home anyway.  I had rent inspection this week, so I had to tidy up and get cleaning – after that I don’t want to make a mess ha ha.  It won’t take long until chaos reigns supreme again though, knowing me.  I am hopeless.  It’s why you love me, right?

Hope your day has been bright and sunshiney 🙂

Craft shows and Card Making…

Craft shows and Card Making…

Sunday once again and time to do some crafting and possibly some tidying up.  Maybe not so much of the second thing though.  I did put all my beads and jewellery making stuff away.  Just to clear my brain a little bit – I’ve been doing nothing else but making earrings and necklaces and I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything else and had lost my mojo.  I went to a BIG craft convention yesterday with my Mum and a friend from work.  So mega huge (the convention, not my friend – she’s pretty much normal size) and we spent most of our time trying to push through the crowds in order to get to our favourite stalls (which were obviously everyone else’s favourites as well).  It was so busy!  The thing that annoys and frustrates me the most is that a lot of these sellers were from the Eastern states, very few were actually from Perth.  But the crowds were massive and that leads me to believe that it would be a good idea for people to open up craft shops here.  But we are seriously lacking in anything crafty and creative, unless you count Spotlight (and I don’t).  There are a few places you can go of course, but they are few and far between and I think we all hang out for these big conventions so we can get some goodies that we don’t see all the time here.

Anyway, I did spend a bit of money but I don’t think I went crazy.  I’ve been a bit more discerning lately, not just buying stuff because it’s there and is pretty.  I bought some nice beads…


…love these heavy garnet-red glass ones…


…these ceramic ones are such a pretty mix of colour…


…I’m still not quite sure why I got these pink wooden ones but they were really inexpensive and I don’t have a lot of pink in my stash…


…same story with the blue-coloured ones (even though I have lots of blue already…)…


…multi-coloured howlite beads at half price…


…howlite skull beads – also half price – love the bright colours…

I also got card-making supplies including a big Martha Stewart flower punch, some printed tissue paper, wooden kitties, some tiny little wooden birdies that are so cute, some text/words/sayings, lots of nice lace and some gorgeous washi tape with pretty birds and vintage images on.  I didn’t realise the little wooden cats were floral on one side until I got them home – I think I like the plain side better. The printed tissue paper is by Collections Elements and we were lucky enough to be served at the register by the lovely Julie van Oosten who is the creator of the Collections Elements range.  She was kind enough to have a little chat to me about what she does and how to go about starting such a business.  It was so busy and I was very grateful that she took the time to talk to me.  Check out her website and blogs – I have been a fan of her products for years and she is based in WA so that makes it all the better!









I also got some delicate little paper bird cages and lanterns which I wanted to use straight away.  I made two cards today with them – one has an inked bird cage as I wanted it to be black and stand out more.  I’m a little out of practice with card-making just now.  I’ve lost the old mojo a little bit but I was determined to make some today even if they were just for “practice”. I’m not particularly happy with them, but they’re a start and I will hopefully get back into the swing of things if I keep making a couple each week.




Before packing away my jewellery supplies I did finish off a couple of items that had people waiting on them.  This bracelet was for a friend of a friend who asked me to make her one and to use any colours I liked.  She wanted me to surprise her.  Which always worries me because you never know what other people’s tastes are.  I made this one with onyx, red glass and the polished stone beads I bought a few weeks ago (they look like little quail eggs to me!).  Hope she likes it.


Well, I had better go and sort something out for dinner, clear up my mess and start thinking about what I will wear to work tomorrow (does anyone actually find that easy? I swear I don’t understand how I can have a wardrobe full of clothes and have nothing to wear!).  My house smells of cinnamon (I’ve been baking – I needed cookies today) and the heater is on, shielding me from the miserable weather outside.  I’m not quite as miserable inside as I was last night (apologies again for that) and I am going to try and be positive during the week ahead.

Hope your week is sunshiny and happy x

PS I almost forgot – speaking of things sunshiny and happy – this week I nipped into a nearby op-shop, just to have a quick look and I came out with this lovely folk-art-inspired jug.  So lovely!  It’s not vintage or anything but I just really liked the yellow, happy colour and cheeky little rooster.  At $10 it was more than I would usually spend in an op-shop but I liked it so much I had to have it…


Way Down Upon the Swan(ee) River…

Way Down Upon the Swan(ee) River…

Ah, Perth in the Summer time…well, almost Summer time.  It’s only November after all and we have a couple more weeks before Summer officially arrives, but the weather has been so warm (hallelujah!) and after-work walks have been the order of the day.  Or, at least, I’m trying to make them the order of at least three days a week, rather than just coming home every day and collapsing in a heap  on the couch.

I am very lucky to live so near to the Swan River.  A short walk away, I can stroll along the foreshore, watch the boats and swans and ducks and seagulls and, if I’m luckier still, the dolphins.  Everything seems better by the water.  Calmer and fresher and just better.  Plus I live at the top of a steep hill so the walk home always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something (albeit with much wheezing and unattractive sweating).

IMG_4189 IMG_4185

I love watching the black swans – they are so majestic yet, at times, comical, and even downright scary at other times (you do not want to get in the way of a Mother swan and her brood).  They are beautiful and they remind me of my dear geese that I miss so much now I do not live in the country.  My retirement dream, so far flung in to the future, is to have a little cottage on the coast with enough room for me and my menagerie which will, of course, include a gaggle of geese.  Who will chase everyone except for me.  As it should be.


Sorry – the water looks kinda gross here.  Near the shoreline it gets a bit choppy and churned up..


This one looks like the Loch Ness Monster!

When I am walking I like to zone out.  I actually don’t feel very confident when I am out walking on my own.  I feel like I stand out.  I feel uncomfortable in my own skin and would rather not have anyone else around me.  Since being ill I don’t have the world’s best balance or ability to walk in a straight line.  I often trip over things and overbalance.  Basically, I am a huge klutzoid.  It also makes me feel ungainly and awkward so I do feel self-conscious when walking.

Music helps me concentrate on something else.  I have my trusty iPod with me or plug headphones into my phone and away I go.  Not too loud, that’s not safe for my ears or my own protection, but enough that I can’t get distracted from what I’m doing.  Which is trying to walk briskly without falling down or losing my balance and ending up in a ditch.

I like different kinds of music on different days.  I like rock and pop and alternative, rap and funk.  Different beats and rhythms make you walk differently and help you stay on track.  I am currently trying to force myself to walk with my head up (I have a bad habit of always having my head lowered, partly due to timidity but also because of aforementioned clumsiness) and I find having a song playing helps me do that somehow.

I don’t have a regular playlist per se.  But I have a few that always come up on rotation and may get repeated a few times because I like the way they match my stride:

Del Amitri – Roll to Me

Scribe – Not Many

Sia – Buttons

King Charles – Bam Bam

Rob Zombie – More Human than Human

The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal

Lulu & The Lampshades – Cups

BlackStreet – No Diggity

Icona Pop – I Love It

Cornershop- Brimful of Asha

And then there’s the old favourites that I listen to when I’m not so much working up a sweat as working through some sadness and just  need to get some fresh air.  Then I’m afraid I crank up the Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Simon & Garfunkel and whatever 70s or 80s song I have on my playlist.  I admit I have to stop myself from air-drumming sometimes (oh come on – who hasn’t done it to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”?!) but mostly I just like that music takes you away from where you are, even if it’s somewhere as nice as by the river.

Do you have favourite exercising tunes?  Any embarrassing ones?  I won’t tell.  Promise 🙂