Old Friends (Bookends)

Old Friends (Bookends)

Old friends, old friends

Sat on their park bench like bookends…

Listening to Simon & Garfunkel this afternoon suddenly gave me a bright idea.  I had a stack of old metal bookends I was given this week from a friend at another library I used to work at.  The library is moving / downsizing / digitising so no longer needed the hundreds of bookends they had.  I snapped them up, not really having any plans for them other than they might come in handy down the track.  I have a million books and they are all jam-packed into bookshelves – not really any room for bookends and besides, these ones are pretty dull and ugly.

So I decided to jazz them up a bit and make them something I would be happy to display and use in my home.  I’ve got loads of scrapbooking paper and some of it I just haven’t been inspired to use for anything up ’til now.  I chose a nice Webster’sPages Robin’s Nest sheet – nice shabby chic blues and florals – and, after giving each bookend a quick rub down with some coarse sandpaper, I drew around them with a pencil onto the paper.

I then carefully cut the shapes out, keeping as close to the drawn line as possible.
I scored the paper cut-out lightly at the point where the booked “bends” to allow for easier application once the glue was on.  Next, I slapped on a thin coat of PVA glue onto the bookend.  The paper was then smoothed into place over the glue and rubbed to get rid of any air bubbles or crookedness!  I left them to dry for an hour or so and then trimmed the edges as needed (hey, nobody’s perfect, right?).  If I was more energetic (and less lazy) I would have varnished or sealed them to make them more long lasting.  But as a quick fix-up, I think they look pretty good.

Yay!  I accomplished something today!  And I upcycled and made something pretty!