Be Kind (Collage)

Hello everyone and Happy Monday ūüôā

Did you all have a nice weekend?¬† For those of you here in Australia, hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Australia Day and got to spend time with family and friends.¬† I managed to do just that AND get some crafting time in.¬† I got started on some new collage canvases and finished a couple of them.¬† I am slowly learning to leave things alone and move on to something else, if they are proving problematic.¬† Sometimes you need to step away from a particular project, in order to “Regroup” and get a fresh perspective.

This little 6 x 6″ canvas was giving me grief, and I couldn’t make it work, so I put it aside and started on a new one.¬† When I came back to this, I managed to finish it off and be reasonably satisfied with it.¬† I cut out numerous caterpillars – none of them looked right – until I found this pinky-red one, that seemed to suit ok.¬† I can waste hours trying to find just the right critter or leaf or flower.

I wasn’t sure what words to incorporate and was focusing too much on the bird looking down.¬† I thought of “Keep your head up” and “Don’t look down” and other head-related nonsense.¬† In the end, given that the bird is letting little Mr Caterpillar have a free ride, rather than eating him, I figure “Be Kind” was as good a message as any.¬† As yes, I did need to put a crown on the bird.¬† It looked naked without it.

Hope the week ahead is kind to you – thank you for stopping by ūüôā




My Friend

After some time away from crafting, I finally sat down to do some collage-making on the weekend.¬† And was immediately met with contempt and disdain from the creative Gods.¬† I couldn’t wrap my brain around starting anything, let alone actually completing a half-way decent piece.¬† I doodled, I painted, I cut out and fiddled about, but nothing was working.¬† Is spent ages drawing and painting a little crowned lady, only to be disgusted at my own lack of artistic talent, and threw her¬†in the bin.¬† Sigh.

Then I went back to basics.¬† I started with a nicely patterned piece of paper and stuck it down on a fresh board.¬† I lightly smeared white gesso over the paper, rubbing it off in places and letting some of the pattern show through.¬† I stamped a heart in one corner – I didn’t even bothered trying to draw or paint one, given my creative ability¬† had deserted me that day.¬† I let it all dry and thought about what else I wanted to add.

I felt like doing a “wordy” plaque – something with all text and little else.¬† So I began stamping…

I have a nice collection of alphabet stamps now – all different sizes and styles.¬† I buy them wherever I see them¬†– you can never have enough – and it’s good to have different fonts and in both upper and lower cases.¬† I am hopeless at getting things straight but I am learning to not worry so much about that.


Aside from the stamping itself, which took forever due to my dropsy fingers (I’m sure I have some teeny little clear stamps embedded in the carpet now…), this project was done and dusted quickly and I am¬†pretty happy with it.

Most importantly, it got my creative mojo a-happening again, which meant I was able to start a few other projects as well, and make myself feel better about my lack of “oomph” earlier in the day.¬† It’s easy to get discouraged – well, it is for me, anyway!

Thank you for dropping by –¬†hope you’re having a happy, productive day x


Quick Christmas Cards (or, An Idea for Christmas Cards that Would have Been More Useful BEFORE Christmas‚Ķ)

Quick Christmas Cards (or, An Idea for Christmas Cards that Would have Been More Useful BEFORE Christmas‚Ķ)

Every year at Christmas, there is one thing I fail miserably at‚Ķmaking my own Christmas cards. ¬†But, you say, raising an eyebrow quizzically and looking confused, you make LOADS of cards every year! ¬†Ah yes, I reply, but not for myself to give away. ¬†I sell the cards I make and always leave myself with none. ¬†So I have to resort to shop-bought cards (ew!) or hastily cobbled together handmade ones that are a bit, well, crappy, because I’ve run out of time and energy. ¬†Also, because I am very unorganised and always running behind schedule, it is almost Easter by the time I actually get around to making cards and sending them to people so sometimes I just give up all together.

This year I was determined to make some cards for family and friends and co-workers.  I had zero time in which to do anything but really wanted to give out handmade ones.  So, I had a bright spark of inspiration one night and came up with these simple-to-make cards that I was able to finish quickly and whilst sitting on the couch (that part is very important!).

I started by taking photos of Christmassy objects around the house; I focused on things I had made myself or that Mum had made for me. ¬†I also used some other “props” such as pearl beads or Xmas baubles, arranged prettily in bowls or whatever was handy. ¬†I used some Instagram filters to make them look suitably arty (and to hide my bad photography skills ha ha) and then printed the pictures out in a size suitable for using on a card.


I glued them to card stock and cute them out, edging them with a black marker.  I stamped Christmas sentiments on a plain folded card and then attached the photos in the centre with mounting tape.  Easy!  They are simple and effective and would work equally well for other occasions (with different subject matter for the pictures).


I wish I had taken more photos of them to show the finished product‚Ķbut as it was already coming up for Christmas Eve, I didn’t have time (in other words, I forgot‚Ķ).


A simple project that didn’t take much time or energy and made use of things I had around the house. ¬†I’m going to make some birthday cards next, so I always have a stash ready to go.

Hope your New Year is going well so far. ¬†Back to work tomorrow for me – ugh! ¬†I am so not ready. But it will be good to see my workmates and catch up on gossip. ¬†That’s what we go to work for, right?